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Wrestlemania 33 Recap: Some Oldies Came Back and the Undertaker Made Even the Hardest Fans Sob

The ups and the downs of Wrestlemania 33


    If you didn’t stay up late last night to watch Wrestlemania 33…pull a sickie, and WATCH IT NOW!

    The 33rd WrestleMania was definitely one to remember. We had firsts, we had some old faces, we had an engagement, and we had one of our favorites retire.

    Yes, you heard that correctly. One of our favorites has retired. After his 25th appearance in the WrestleMania ring, The Undertaker seems to have taken his last bow and exited the ring forever. *sobs* The 52-year old, the ‘Deadman’ was defeated by Roman Reigns in the Camping World Stadium. After his defeat, the beloved WWE wrestler left his iconic gloves, hat, and coat in the center of the ring waved goodbye to his fans before exiting in the most emotional fashion. And we have, to be honest; we shed a few tears. And so did the crowd. The production crew even left his gloves, coat and hat after clear up (cue more tears).

    But it wasn’t all doom and gloom this year. A few friendly faces re-appeared on the WrestleMania circuit. This year’s comeback kings were the Hardy Boyz, who returned to the the world of WWE in one of the most intense battles, and even went on to win the Tag Team Championship. Now that is a comeback…

    And it wasn’t just wrestlers who made their WWE comeback. WrestleMania 33 also boasted the return of the legend himself…Jim Ross. Ross has made a name for himself as one of the most famous and most popular WWE commentators, and his voice graced us during the intense battle between The Undertaker and Reigns. It seems fitting that he came back for The Undertaker’s last year. (We can’t stop the tears).

    The 13 matches that comprised this year’s events were all intense, and full of gusto. There were five title changes and a five-minute match that was a definite must-see. But we won’t give too much away as you need to go and watch it – now!

    Despite The Undertaker’s sad goodbye, WrestleMania 33 was also full of happy tears – mostly from Nikki Bella, after her hunky now-fiancee, John Cena (swoon) proposed to her after their tag-team event in the center of the ring. The crowd went wild after their relatively tame match when Cena dropped down to one knee, and Bella couldn’t help but shed a few tears after Cena put the ring on her finger. Because of course, she said yes…

    But don’t take all of this from us. You need to watch it to really see what we mean. You won’t regret it.

    P.S We’ll miss you, Undertaker.

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