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‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’ Reboot Secures Gina Rodriguez

But seriously, where in the world is she?


    One of the world’s unanswered questions is soon to be answered – Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? And it seems Netflix and Gina Rodriguez can reveal all…

    Remember the days of watching Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? on a Saturday morning? The animated series ran from the mid-’90s to the end of the century, and we absolutely loved it. What wasn’t there to like? There was travel, there was time-travel, there were game references, and there was Carmen Sandiego with her iconic red trench coat and hat. And the best part was that our parents let us watch it (or binge watch it) because it was kinda educational. Bonus.

    But it seems Netflix are answering our ‘90s prayers, and our questions about the show, by bringing back the show in a fresh new reboot – and they have the perfect actress to play Carmen Sandiego. You might recognize Gina Rodriguez from the hilariously funny TV show, Jane the Virgin. Rodriguez has officially confirmed her involvement within the show, and we think it’s a perfect match.

    Netflix has confirmed that the new reboot will consist of twenty animated episodes, and will be back on our screens sometime in 2019. It’s said that this new show will deliver:

    A new crop of international capers packed with thrilling adventure and intrigue… and an intimate look into Carmen’s past, where viewers will not only follow her escapades but also learn WHO in the world is Carmen Sandiego and WHY she became a super thief.

    It seems that Gina isn’t the only big star set to appear in the new reboot. Netflix has also confirmed that they have secured Finn Wolfhard (Mike from Stranger Things) as The Player. Could this get any better?

    Well… yes, it can. Netflix isn’t just reproducing one of the best kids TV shows in history – because they’re doing MORE. Cartoon reboots seem to be on their minds at the moment, and there are even rumors of a Magic School Bus revival. ERM, YES PLEASE.

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