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Westworld Series 2 Filming Has Been Suspended and We’re In Tears Right Now

But they’re keeping the details under wraps…


    Let’s be honest, we’re absolute TV nerds. Yep, we’re totally fine with it. We’ve embraced it. We love TV and there’s nothing you can do about it. Because we love TV so much, we love to spend 99.9% of our time getting ridiculously obsessed with TV series. There’s Stranger Things (of course), How to Get Away With Murder (obvs), The Walking Dead (naturally), Game of Thrones (duh) and more. But our list wouldn’t be complete without adding Westworld into the mix.

    However, in a truly devastating turn of events, the filming for Westworld series 2 has been suspended – and we’re pretty much in tears right now. HBO confirmed the news earlier today, and stated that one of their two production units had been halted, due to a ‘medical emergency.’ Here’s the full statement:

    Westworld season 2 filming suspended

    Due to a medical emergency involving a performer in a recurring role on season 2 of Westworld, filming on one of the two units has been temporarily suspended. The cast member was not on set when this occurred, and out of respect for the performer’s privacy, we have no additional details to share, other than that everyone at Westworld sincerely hopes for a quick recovery.


    Westworld first dropped onto our screens in October 2016, and has since stolen the hearts of thousands of people across the globe. The show is an incredible science fiction western thriller (because apparently that mesh totally works) that is based on Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name. Westworld takes place in an epic Wild West theme park that lets you do anything you want, without any fear of getting caught or being reprimanded. Sounds amazing, right? Well, you better watch out for the evil robot hosts who basically want to kill you all the time. No biggie.

    Westworld season 2 filming suspended

    The popular series stars high-profile actors, including Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, and more – and although we don’t know the answer to the above question, we do know that Westworld is ruddy brilliant, and we wish the cast member a speedy recovery.

    Westworld season 2 was set for release in 2018, and so far there’s no word on whether this suspension will affect the release date or not. As always, we’ll keep you informed.

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