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Watch the Insane New Punisher Netflix Series Trailer

This looks epic!


    If you’re a fan of RetroEnt, you’ll know that we have a bit of a soft spot for anything Marvel related. (Okay, yes, we’re obsessed. But who cares?) So of course, this new trailer for Marvel’s Punisher has got us pretty pumped.

    The new show has been adapted by Netflix to join their other Marvel exports, including Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Luke Cage, and the trailer is pretty darn intense. Check it out for yourself:

    The trailer starts off pretty tame, and gives us a lovely insight into Frank Castle’s beautiful family. But of course, this is Marvel we’re talking about…and nothing stays lovely and beautiful for long. Sure enough, the trailer suddenly switches into one EPIC BLOODBATH after his wife’s murder. Basically, there’s a heck load of fighting.

    Although the trailer doesn’t give too much away, it does provide us with the general gist of the new show, which will follow the life of Frank Castle as he vows to avenge his wife’s death, find those responsible for it, and brutally kill them (what else did you expect? A hug?) Frank Castle, played by Jon Bernthal (legend), soon develops a reputation in the violent criminal underworld and adopts the nickname, the Punisher. Oo-er.

    Marvel's Punisher comes from the comic book series
    Thankfully, we can already tell that the new series will remain faithful to its comic book series, as we hear Castle explain the origins of the Punisher story.

    ‘They killed my family to get to me. I was part of a covert CIA operation. The man in charge wants me dead. Homelands, the FBI, everybody’s part of this.’

    To help him in his revenge, the Punisher enlists some help in the form of Micro (played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach). Between the two of them, they encounter explosions, shootings, a whole load of blood and numerous car chases. It will be chock-full of action.

    Punisher will be produced by Jeph Loeb, Steve Lightfoot and Jim Chory, and has not yet got a release date – but filming is all finished, so we can expect it sometime this year!

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