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The Most Underrated Cartoon Network Shows We All Watched as Kids

WARNING: You may experience severe feelings of nostalgia reading this

    When you think of a being a child, you probably think of the animated Disney movies or the Nickelodeon Channel – and Cartoon Network seems to just slip under the carpet. Well here at RetroEnt, we say NO MORE! We are going to give Cartoon Network the recognition it deserves for making us laugh out loud growing up, gave us something to watch on a Saturday morning, and what made us fight with our siblings over the remote control. Take a look at some of the most underrated Cartoon Network shows we all watched as kids…

    Ed, Edd n Eddy

    Yessssss, Ed, Edd n Eddy! This show follows the lives of the Eds who live in Peach Creek. Being the troublemakers they are, they love to invent schemes and create trouble to get money for their favorite sweets – Jawbreakers. But of course, their plans never really work – and it’s pretty hilarious, even as an adult.

    Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers starred the coolest Duck of them all – Daffy Duck, and his full name is Duck Edgar Dumas Aloysius Eoghain Dodgers (well, that’s a mouthful). In this show, Daffy Duck is the hero of the science fiction world and searches for the Illudium Phosdex element which can only be found on Planet X. Can he get it?

    Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

    Aww, we loved this program. Why couldn’t we live in Mac’s world? When an 8-year-old boy is told by his mother to abandon his imaginary friend, he sends him away to an orphanage that’s dedicated to looking after as many imaginary friends as they can. And his friend will stay there if Mac visits him every day. It’s adorable. And also very funny.

    Sheep In The Big City

    You probably didn’t really find Sheep In The Big City that funny when you were younger (even though you still watched it), but if you watched it now, we guarantee you’d laugh your socks off. There’s not much really to explain, as it simply follows the life of a runaway sheep in the big city, but it was incredibly clever.

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