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Twin Peaks is Returning – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

And some pretty awesome revival pictures to boot!


    Who else really loved Twin Peaks? We did too, to the point where you could call it a little bit obsessive. So we’re really happy it’s coming back.

    We were first taken to Twin Peaks back in 1991 and followed the life of F.B.I Agent, Dale Cooper who travels to Twin Peaks, Washington to try and solve the murder of the homecoming queen, Laura Palmer. When creators of the show, David Lynch, and Mark Frost first created the show, they didn’t write it as a murder mystery…but more of an insight into the power of relationships. But as the general public need to know everything about everything, they then had to give the audience a conclusion to their ‘who done it?’ question.

    Twin Peaks was part of the Golden Era of television and was bulked in with other hit TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Breaking Bad, The Wire and The Sopranos – which was no mean feat. And now, it seems as if the Golden Era of television has now changed, which is why so many people are so excited about its revival. Could this be the second coming?

    The revival will be coming onto our screens on Sunday, May 21, and the cast has been sitting down, providing interviews for their fans and answering all the questions we could possibly want or need. Entertainment Weekly managed to get some pretty epic, exclusive pictures too (you can see them all here). And there’s even been new Twin Peak action figures, posters and skateboards released just for the revival. So yes, you can really geek out on Twin Peaks (if you didn’t already before).

    Reviewers have already been quick to the post by saying that this new revival will save us from the audience-pleasing shows that are now on TV and will provide with original and exciting content.

    It’s said that the new series will have 18 parts to it, and will star Jake Wardle and James Marshall. We’re not too sure which characters they will be playing just yet, but we’re pretty excited about that. And never fear, Wendy Robie will still be rocking her eye patch, Everett McGill will still be playing the big meanie, Big Ed Hurley and James Hurley seems to have suddenly lost his hair! Everything is all very hush hush, and characters have not been officially confirmed or denied, but we think the revival will be exactly what our TV screens need…

    Catch the new Twin Peaks revival from 21st May 2017.

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