TV Shows Like Will & Grace That Will Show You The Fun Side Of Life

Can we just be best friends with all of the people in these shows, plz?


    Will & Grace has two of the best duos that television has ever known. If you don’t have a friendship like the two title characters, or like Jack and Karen, then you’re sorely missing out on the fun side of life. Their personalities are eccentric, sarcastic and often outrageous, but that’s precisely why we love them. It’s no wonder that the show has been brought back for three new seasons – our TV schedules haven’t been the same without them. During their lengthy hiatus, though, we found some TV shows like Will & Grace that are just as worthy of our attention.

    TV Shows Like Will & Grace

    Will & Grace was a landmark TV show for its portrayal of LGBT+ culture. For the most part, it proved to be an ally in helping to bring queer identities into the mainstream and make a stand for equality, something that’s now been replicated by other great shows. While it was a driving force for LGBT+ rights, it was also a great insight into the kind of dysfunctional friendships and relationships we all cherish in our lives. That’s what you can expect from these shows similar to Will & Grace. Time to crack open the ice cream and get binging on these series.

    Dharma & Greg (1997 – 2002)

    TV shows like Will and Grace: Dharma and Grace
    Will and Grace’s friendship is not the healthiest out there. They know they’re a terrible influence on each other, but nothing can tear them apart. Although they’re not attracted to one another, the pair is often seen as a married couple. It’s reminiscent of the dysfunctional relationship between Dharma & Greg in the sitcom of the same name; only these two characters are actually married. The pair tries to adjust to life after tying the knot on a first date, but the course of true love never did run smoothly. The couple’s numerous attempts to bond ensures plenty of hilarity, especially because of how different they are. As they learn to love one another, their relationship blossoms, but that doesn’t mean their lives are without comedic turmoil.

    Modern Family (2009 – Present Day)

    TV shows like Will and Grace: Modern Family
    Looking for something to make you laugh? Modern Family has the perfect recipe for success. This show is exactly how we picture our future, only without all the success that the stars of Modern Family have amassed. Cameron and Mitchell’s relationship reminds us of Will and Vince’s back in the good old days, only without Grace looking over their shoulders every five minutes. The sarcasm and blunt humor is rich between the characters, which gives us our fix of Karen Walker even without Megan Mullally in the picture. This picture of the modern family might be slightly flawed, but that’s exactly how we like it.

    Looking (2014 – 2016)

    TV Shows Like Will and Grace: Looking
    If you like Will & Grace, then you’ll like Looking. It’s thanks to the former that shows like this air on TV these days. It explores the lives of three LGBT+ characters in San Francisco as they encounter struggles not unlike those faced by Will and Jack in the sitcom. The series is very much rooted in comedy, much like Will & Grace, but it’s not afraid to be a little more serious at times. If you want a more in-depth exploration of LGBT+ life, Looking is worth checking out.

    SATC (1998 – 2004)

    TV Shows Like Will and Grace: SATC
    Will & Grace and SATC started airing in the same year, and it’s hard sometimes not to think of them as the same show. If Will and Jack were both women, the two would be hard to tell apart. Neither show is afraid to touch on the promiscuous side of things, SATC a little more so, and they both have main characters that all have fleshed out personalities. Samantha and Karen could very well be related to each other, while there are definitely elements of Miranda and Charlotte in Grace. We don’t know which group of friends we’d rather hang out with – we’d have to say both.

    Friends (1994 – 2004)

    TV Shows like Will and Grace: Friends
    There’s plenty of shows similar to Will & Grace out there, but none quite match the sitcom’s friendship goals like Friends does. The clue is in the title. From Chandler’s sarcasm, Monica’s controlling behavior and Rachel’s affinity for men, to Phoebe’s wackiness, Ross’ random facts and Joey’s love of food, we see a lot of ourselves in these characters. Who doesn’t fall out with their friends over stupid things, only to make up a short while later like it never happened? If you love the dynamic between the stars of Will & Grace, then Friends is right up your alley.

    We didn’t know how we’d cope when Will & Grace went off the air. Luckily, we’ve been gifted so many shows similar to Will & Grace that the last decade has flown by. When the new season was announced, we’d forgotten it had been gone for so long. We have these series to thank for that.

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