TV Shows Like SATC Because Friendships Never Go Out Of Style

We can’t help but wonder… are there any shows that could match up?


    Over 13 years and two (nearly three, sob) movies later and we’re still left wanting more of Carrie Bradshaw and co. The four fashionistas gave us hours of entertainment over the years with their luscious love lives, but we have been left with a big hole in our hearts after waving goodbye to the women for good in 2010. Here are some other TV shows like SATC that should help give a fill of romance, drama, and, of course, friendship.

    TV Shows Like SATC

    People looking for TV shows like SATC will be searching for something full of romance, drama, and comedy, as well as a cast of independent leading women. Well, here there will definitely be all of that and more as we explore the shows that guide us through the drama-filled romantic lives of brand new casts that will leave your gossip needs fully met.

    Ugly Betty (2006 – 2010)

    TV Shows Like SATC - Ugly Betty

    Just like SATC, Ugly Betty follows the life of Betty Suarez as she works at the fashion magazine, Mode. However, while we know Carrie for her incredible fashion sense, Betty dresses rather more…uniquely shall we say. The show was so popular that it has continued to grow a cult following ever since its sad departure from our screens back in 2010. Similar to SATC, the series follows Betty forging her own powerful career, but there are plenty of romantic dramas for the star that leaves us questioning what could be in store for the personal assistant.

    Desperate Housewives (2004 – 2012)

    TV Shows Like SATC - Desperate Housewives

    We couldn’t forget about the women on Wisteria Lane now, could we? This show focuses more on the drama, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s relationships are safe. As TV shows like SATC come, Desperate Housewives has a strong, all leading female cast that has to deal with marital problems, issues that can arise with starting a family, and plenty of relationship dramas. Like SATC, the series is narrated by Mary Alice Young who tragically opens the show by ending her life. And they’re not short of glamour in the suburbs either as these housewives bring New York City style to Fairview.

    The Carrie Diaries (2013 – 2014)

    TV Shows Like SATC - The Carrie Diaries

    This is a no-brainer for anyone that is looking for TV shows like SATC as Carrie Bradshaw is resurrected but in the past. The show follows the life of Carrie as she is still in high school while trying to carve the beginnings of her career in New York City. Getting the chance to see how Carrie became who she did is the perfect way to relive the love we felt for the character in the first place, and with Candace Bushnell who wrote the original SATC as one of the executive producers, the show comes straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s pretty safe to say that if you love SATC, you’ll love The Carrie Diaries

    Friends (1994 – 2004)

    TV Shows Like SATC - Friends

    When it comes to hilarious relationship drama, Friends certainly has plenty on offer. The series follows the lives of six New Yorkians who all rely on each other to get by, in addition to the hefty amount of relationship advice the group has on offer for each other, even when sometimes they need help on dating each other! When searching for TV shows like SATC, Friends offers a group of, well, friends that all live in the same city, as well as three strong leading women that all forge their very own careers, just like Carrie and her friends in the show.

    Gossip Girl (2007 – 2012)

    TV Shows Like SATC - Gossip Girl

    When it comes to addictive TV show viewing, it’s hard to ignore the pull of Gossip Girl. If you love SATC, you’ll love Gossip Girl as the show aims to get to uncover the identity of the secret Gossip Girl, just like SATC has the running mystery around who Mr. Big could possibly be. Gossip Girl also takes place in the Big Apple as we get to watch the unfolding of the character’s secret lives, relationships, and scandals – all thanks to Gossip Girl themself.

    While the series and movies were such a huge hit that could be watched on repeat without growing bored, it is fun to be on the search for TV shows like SATC that will give us hours more entertainment. If you need new series to fill your evenings with entertainment, then the shows on this list will hopefully give you all the romance drama you’ve been searching for.

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