TV Shows Like Riverdale If Sardonic Humor Is Just Your Way of Relating To The World

We Bet(ty) you’ll love these…(sorry)


    Let’s be honest, Riverdale is da bomb. This Archie Comics adaptation has gained major traction since its release in January 2017, and has since become the ONLY plans we need on a Wednesday evening (yeah, we’re cool). Whether you’re totally obsessed with Archie (we don’t blame you), you ship Bughead (eugh, they’re perfect), you love hearing Veronica say ‘Hiram Lodge’ (she says it a lot) or just want to find out who the Black Hood is (it’s definitely NOT the janitor), you’ll love these TV shows like Riverdale if sardonic humor is just your way of relating to the world. Because Jughead just gets us, y’know?

    The Best TV Shows Like Riverdale

    Riverdale is your ultimate teen drama – but with a little nerdy goodness thrown in for good measure. As a comic book adaptation, there are some of our favorite Archie characters, along with a splash of mystery, teenage angst, love, friendship, gang warface (we kinda love the Southside Serpents) and a whole load of drama. However, if you need a break from your 24/7 Riverdale life, check out these TV shows like Riverdale.

    13 Reasons Why (2017 – Present)

    TV Shows Like Riverdale: 13 Reasons Why

    If you love Riverdale, you’ll love 13 Reasons Why. Although this TV program might not be for everyone (there are some deep, intense and honest themes throughout, so I would thoroughly advise researching the show before turning it on), it is definitely one to watch if you want to know what life can truly be like for teens, and the dark undertones of society. Following the life of Clay Jensen, this show follows the final few months of Hannah Baker’s life, and the events that led to her passing.

    Pretty Little Liars (2010 – 2017)

    TV Shows Like Riverdale: 13 Reasons Why

    Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a whole load of teenage angst and drama in the morning, am I right? Well, Pretty Little Liars has this in abundance. After the disappearance of one of their best friends, a group of high schoolers find themselves in the midst of a mystery – and none of them are safe. Like the cast of Riverdale, these guys just LOVE to roam around the woods and houses in the dark (when will they ever learn?!), under the watchful eye of the infamous ‘A.’

    Stranger Things (2016 – Present)

    TV Shows Like Riverdale: Stranger Things

    It’s fair to say that if you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, well…I’m disappointed in you. This incredible Duffer Brothers creation takes place in the foggy town of Hawkins (erm, why is there fog everywhere in these bloomin’ shows?) and follows the life of a group of adorable and cool kids, as they find their world turned Upside Down (lol). Oh, and there’s a pretty wacky and magical character too. We’d give her performance an Eleven out of ten. Man, I’m funny.

    Twin Peaks (1990 – 1991 and 2017)

    TV Shows Like Riverdale: Twin Peaks

    If you’re looking for a TV show similar to Riverdale, look no further, because Twin Peaks is your guy. Like Riverdale, this show focuses on the sad death of one of their locals, and follows the lives of those trying to solve the mystery, those trying to cover it up, and those just trying to get on with their lives. Although this show has garnered mixed reviews since its release, it has since become a cult classic – so you just HAVE to watch it.

    The Flash (2014 – Present)

    TV Shows Like Riverdale: The Flash

    You didn’t think we’d write about Riverdale without including another comic book franchise, did you? Of course, there are hundreds of comic book adaptations to choose from, but The Flash is one of our favorites. This series follows the epic superhero, Barry Allen/The Flash as he goes about his day fighting crime, saving the world and moving at superhuman speeds. Created in 2014, the show has proved so popular it’s still going today. So, if you love Riverdale, you’ll love The Flash.

    Okay, so we’re kind of obsessed with Riverdale, but as we’re up to date with the latest episodes, we have no other option but to begrudgingly watch something else. Luckily, these other TV shows like Riverdale are pretty darn awesome.

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