TV Shows Like Orange is the New Black Because You Don’t Go Jessica Simpson When You’ve Got Rihanna

All together now… and you’ve got tiiiiiiiiime ?


    Hands up if you’re a Netflix binge-watching champion? If you said yes to that question, then you can give yourself a big round of applause, because you are now eligible to join our club! We have meetings every Wednesday evening – but you need to remember that unlike Regina George and The Plastics, on Wednesdays we wear orange. Yuh-huh, did you not know? We thought everyone got the memo that Orange is the New Black? This Netflix show is one of the most famous shows to grace our screen, and we have loved getting insider information into life in Litchfield Prison for the past five years. Piper and the gang have entertained us for hours, but have you ever wanted to experience life outside of the walls of Litchfield? If you have, you should probably check out these TV shows like Orange is the New Black… because you don’t go Jessica Simpson when you’ve got Rihanna.

    TV Shows Like Orange Is The New Black

    Orange is the New Black is a comedy-drama show that has kept us on tenterhooks for the past five seasons. Basically, we’re obsessed with this show. This TV program follows the life of the squeaky-clean Piper Chapman, who tries her hardest to fit in with prison life. With her mostly-clean record and her shy and retiring personality, Piper soon becomes the odd-one-out in a prison full of tough and sassy ladies. Yet, Piper is stronger than she seems, and she makes sure that her time at Litchfield does not go unnoticed. Intrigued? Once you’ve finished watching this show, make sure you watch these other TV shows like Orange is the New Black…

    GLOW (2017 – Present Day)

    TV Shows Like Orange Is The New Black: GLOW
    If you love Orange is the New Black, you’ll love GLOW. Yep,this show is full of strong and confident women who try to make a name for themselves in society – but it’s fair to say that the ladies in GLOW do this a little differently. Rather than showing their power in the prison system, these women make themselves known in the world of professional wrestling. In fact, they soon become the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW)!!! Starring the likes of Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Britney Young and Marc Maron, this comedy show has proved to be ridiculously popular. It’s all about girl power, and it’s here to stay.

    Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

    TV Shows Like Orange Is The New Black: Breaking Bad
    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of Breaking Bad – even if you haven’t watched it. If you haven’t, you should definitely clear your schedule for the next week and get binge-watching, because this TV show like Orange is the New Black will definitely get your heart pumping. This show follows the life of Walter White, a high school teacher who finds his life turned upside down when he gets diagnosed with cancer. In an attempt to provide for his family, Walter makes his entrance into the criminal underworld. Although you’d think that a high school teacher and illegal criminal activities wouldn’t mix, it seems it’s actually a match made in heaven.

    The L Word (2004 – 2009)

    TV Shows Like Orange Is The New Black: The L Word
    There are so many TV shows like Orange is the New Black in the world, but The L Word is definitely one of our favorites. This show debuted onto our screens in 2004 and came to an end in 2009, and it still holds a firm place in our heart. That’s because this show was the epitome of girl power. Following a group of ladies and their lovers in Greater Los Angeles, this show featured a whole host of characters who weave in and out of storylines. We get to know the in’s and out’s of their relationships and their friendship, and we get to watch all of the drama unfold. Don’t just take our word for it, give it a watch yourself!

    Jessica Jones (2015 – Present)

    TV Shows Like Orange Is The New Black: Jessica Jones
    Is there anything cooler than female characters trying to solve crimes? Well, actually we would argue that female characters serving time for their crimes is pretty darn cool – but only in the fictional sense of the word. Stay in school, kids. Jessica Jones is the kind of TV show like Orange is the New Black that will make you want to open your own detective agency and take on the whole world. After all, that’s what she did. After leaving the superhero world behind her, Jessica decides to save the world in a whole new way. However, before she knows what’s happened, she gets sucked back into the superhero world again and is asked to solve crime after crime that involve some of the baddest villains in the galaxy…

    Wentworth (2013 – Present)

    TV Shows Like Orange Is The New Black: Wentworth
    If you’re not a fan of Australian dramas just yet, you definitely will be after you start watching Wentworth. This drama show takes on the story of Bea Smith as she makes her way into Wentworth Prison and tries to survive within its walls. After being separated from her daughter, Bea initially struggles to integrate into prison life, but soon finds a way to thrive; she needs to take control. So, she makes it her mission to become the boss of Wentworth. She rises through the ranks until she gets to the top of the prison hierarchy. Before too long, the prison is hers – and it’s pretty darn dramatic.

    Let’s be honest; there will never be a TV show like Orange is the New Black that overtakes its popularity. After all, it’s Netflix’s most-watched show of all time! However, there are many shows that are attempting to steal that crown. Obviously we have to watch all for these to make sure that they’re not quite as good as OITNB. You know, for research.

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