TV Shows Like Making a Murderer That Will Leave You Guessing

Who dunnit?


    Most of us secretly love the idea that we could become the next best murder solving detective, but if the sight of blood is too much (same) then sometimes we need the comfort of a TV screen between us. From the comfort of our couch, we look for clues to solve whether Steven Avery is innocent or not. Since the show’s release in 2015, we’ve been left itching to try and get to the bottom of American crimes. If you’re looking for some mystery in your life, then these TV shows like Making a Murderer will leave you guessing.

    TV Shows Like Making a Murderer

    Now that you’ve thoroughly examined every detail of the crimes, you may be left with the need for more grisly cases. These TV shows like Making a Murderer all have shocking tales of the truth, incredible twists and turns, and some of the best detectives in America that take us through every step of their investigations.

    American Crime Story (2016 – present)

    TV shows like Making a Murderer - American Crime Story

    The first season of the show opened with one of the most controversial cases in American history – the O. J. Simpson trial (good ol’ Ryan Murphy). The show is similar to Making a Murderer as they both dig into the untold stories from the courtroom. If you’re a fan of gritty details that will leave you lying awake at night wondering what could be true anymore, then you won’t want to miss this Netflix original. Plus, when you get hooked (because let’s face it, there’s no doubt there) then season two is released in January 2018.

    The Night Of (2016)

    TV shows like Making a Murderer - The Night Of

    When it comes to nail-biting discoveries then The Night Of will have you second guessing everyone you know. Like Steven Avery, Nax Khan is quickly arrested when he wakes up next to Andrea. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. Andrea has been stabbed and left for dead, but Naz can’t remember the events of the night. This show is perfect for anyone looking for a TV show like Making a Murder as you can track the trial as the actors play out the real-life events right before your eyes…

    Homicide Hunter (2011 – present)

    TV shows like Making a Murderer - Homicide Hunter

    If you like Making a Murderer, you’ll love Homicide Hunter. The episodes all focus on different murder cases solved by Lt. Joe Kenda rather than following only one, but that just means there are plenty more crimes to satisfy your lust for blood. Plus you get to feel like a genius when you guess correctly who the murderer is – always a bonus. If you’re looking for TV shows like Making a Murderer, but fancy cases that are faster paced, you’ll love Homicide Hunter. Don’t worry; it’s still just as binge-worthy.

    The Keepers (2017)

    TV shows like Making a Murderer - The Keepers

    Netflix is becoming bigger and better each year with their original series, and The Keepers is no exception. Like Making a Murderer, the story follows the investigation into the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. This documentary has seven nail-biting episodes that, just like Making a Murderer, pursue a case that has been accused of being a cover-up for a much higher crime. With so many great reviews for the show, you don’t want to regret missing out on this fantastic piece of investigative journalism.

    Amanda Knox (2016)

    TV shows like Making a Murderer - Amanda Knox

    Twice charged, and twice acquitted, Amanda Knox is just an average student in Italy, until November 1, 2007: the day Meredith Kercher was found murdered. In a hugely criticized investigation, Amanda and her boyfriend were arrested for her murder – sound familiar? Like Making a Murderer, the documentary follows the many trials, the police investigations, and the conviction that led Amanda to spend four years behind bars. If you need a show to replace Making a Murderer, then look no further.

    I Killed My BFF (2012 – present)

    TV shows like Making a Murderer - I Killed My BFF

    If you love Making a Murderer, then this series will fill the hole perfectly. Following the lives of two best friends, you are taken on a journey as you go through the events that led up to the worst betrayal from a friend. The show is similar to Making a Murderer as they both explain the minor details that could make all the difference, but you have to keep guessing until the end to find out who murdered who. This is definitely edge of your seat viewing right here…
    Making a Murderer is the hit Netflix show that took the world by storm, but when it comes to an end, you can find your thirst for uncovering the true murderer left unsatisfied. Thankfully these TV shows like Making a Murderer will keep you on the edge of your seat as you discover that there are some twisted people in this world, some closer than you may think…

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