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TV Shows Like Game of Thrones Because Winter is Coming

If you can’t wait until season 8 then watch these…

    Game of Thrones has become a phenomenon and is rightly regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time. The high fantasy epic has revolutionized the way we watch television and changed the scope of what can be done with a TV series. Love, death, betrayal, murder, torture, power, and family are just some of the themes explored in HBO’s flagship show. If you’re looking for TV shows like Game of Thrones to help you through the long winter until you’re ready for your next fix, check out these great choices.

    Best TV Shows Like Game of Thrones

    If you are a fan of all things Westeros you’re most likely going to be looking for shows with plenty of violence, sword & sorcery, romance, and political intrigue. The machinations of characters is one of the things that makes Game of Thrones such a watchable show. So, when considering what else to watch, here are some TV shows like Game of Thrones that will help to get you in the mood for the new season.

    The Shannara Chronicles (2016-present)

    TV Shows Like Game of Thrones - Shannara Chronicles

    Adapted from The Shannara Chronicles books by Terry Brooks, this is a fantasy series set in the magical world of Shannara. Armed with the legendary elfstones, Wil Ohmsford sets out on a quest to protect the Ellcrys, and defeat the evil Dagda Mor. Shannara lacks the brutality and political nature of Game of Thrones, but it does have a charm about it. It’s a fun and engaging fantasy show, with the right amount of character development, battles, and a wonderfully detailed fictional world. The first season is available on Netflix right now, and, if you like Game of Thrones, you’ll certainly dig The Shannara Chronicles.

    Rome (2005-2007)

    TV Shows Like Game of Thrones - Rome

    Rome actually came out before Game of Thrones, but it only actually ran for two seasons. Still, they were two of the bloodiest and most brutal seasons on television at the time and set the benchmark that Game of Thrones would wonderfully exploit. Rome is a tale of war, death, honor, power, corruption, relationships, and complex characters. If you’re looking for a TV series like Game of Thrones you can’t go wrong with Rome. Though it lacks the epic battles and vast budget of GoT, Rome is a wonderfully acted, character-driven show that can fill that Thrones shaped hole in your heart until the next season comes out.

    Vikings (2013-present)

    TV Shows Like Game of Thrones - Vikings

    Though it’s not quite up to par with Game of Thrones, Vikings is still a hugely enjoyable and cools show, and pretty gnarly in places too. Following Ragnar Lothbrok, a Danish farmer who becomes King of Denmark, this is a show with plenty of political intrigue to go alongside the bloody battles and raids. With four seasons under its belt, the show continues to captivate and draw me in, and I certainly can’t wait for the next season to come out. This is the ideal show to discover in the time between the final series of Game of Thrones finally hits our screens.

    Black Sails (2014-2017)

    TV Shows Like Game of Thrones - Black Sails

    Okay, think about if they took demented pirate lord Euron Greyjoy, and decided to give him his own TV show. Now you’ve got an idea of what Black Sails is like – not afraid to hold back on romantic indescretions, violence, and salty language. It’s viewed as a quasi-prequel to Treasure Island, but I kind of see it a little more like Game of Thrones at sea, or a more adult Pirates of the Caribbean. Sure, it’s a little flashy and ostentatious in places, but I feel this fits well with the world building and the characters we’re introduced to. Running just three seasons, Black Sails never outstays its welcome and left me wanting more when it was finished.

    House of Cards (2013-present)

    TV Shows Like Game of Thrones - House of Cards

    It might shock you to see House of Cards on here – for one, it’s not a fantasy show. However, the elements of political intrigue, espionage, manipulation, and plot twists make this every inch a TV show like Game of Thrones. Starring Kevin Spacey as Congressman Frank Underwood, this is a wonderfully slick political thriller – think someone filtered Game of Thrones through The West Wing, and this is what you get. And, the best thing about House of Cards is that you can watch the entire thing on Netflix right now – what are you waiting for?!

    Look, we all miss Game of Thrones. That gap between one season ending and the next one starting feels like being away from a loved one for a long time. But, don’t get too down about it, because I’ve found these great TV shows like Game of Thrones that can help to tide us over until the new season is out! Many of the elements we love about GoT can be found in the fantastically fun shows I’ve listed above – so make sure you check them out.

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