The One With TV Shows Like Friends

Could they BE any more similar?


    Friends was, and will always remain, an ultimate sitcom classic. The show premiered in 1994 but over twenty years later, we’re still quoting the show at least five times a day. While we could happily watch Friends on repeat for the rest of eternity, sometimes we have to accept that it’s over. Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it. While it may be gone, Friends will never be forgotten. Here are some TV shows like Friends that will help fill the hole we’ve had since the 2004 finale.

    Television shows like Friends

    If you’re looking for plenty of laughs, drama, and loveable characters then look no further. There will be plenty of friends here that have enough doomed relationships they make our love life look like a walk in the park, with, of course, a new favorite hangout or two thrown into these TV shows like Friends.

    How I Met Your Mother (2005 – 2014)

    TV shows like Friends - How I Met Your Mother

    Okay, there are definite similarities to Friends here. They both live in an apartment in New York City; there’s an ongoing will they/won’t they relationship, and they have a favorite hangout – although, there is significantly less coffee here! If you’re looking for a TV show similar to Friends then you can’t get much similar than one with a fan theory linking the two universes, can you? Oh. My. God. We’ve needed a new romance after the years of riding the emotional Ross and Rachel rollercoaster. With nine seasons, there is enough here to keep us entertained for a long time.

    The Big Bang Theory (2007 – present)

    TV shows like Friends - The Big Bang Theory

    We couldn’t have a show without a dose of geek thrown in, especially after so many years with Ross and his dinosaurs! The show is similar to Friends as they once again have their favorite hangout (which DOES include coffee for a short while), but this show owes its entire being to Friends. There have been a vast number of shows that have tried to replicate the success of Friends, but The Big Bang Theory was one of the few to gather such a cult following. While we know what series will always hold the top spot in our hearts when looking for TV shows like Friends this show can’t be missed off the list.

    Modern Family (2009 – present)

    TV shows like Friends - Modern Family

    Rather than friends, this show focuses on the lives of all the modern Pritchett family. Just like Friends raised awareness of the different ways families could have children, Modern Family wants to promote all the other type of families that can exist. The show follows the daily struggles of family life (yes, that does include having to leave your room and talk to people) but with plenty of comedy thrown in.

    Two and a Half Men (2003 – 2015)

    TV shows like Friends - Two and a Half Men

    If you love losing a weekend to cramming in a box set or four, then this show has everything you’ll need: laughs, Ashton Kutcher (yes), and plenty of fantastic guest stars. Plus, if you watch the show from the beginning you can quickly lose hours howling along to Charlie Sheen – what a weekend! The two Harper brothers cause plenty of commotion from their Malibu home, but their half, Jake, holds enough comedy to run the show on his own. If you need a TV show to replace Friends, then this shouldn’t disappoint.

    The Goldbergs (2013 – present)

    TV shows like Friends - The Goldbergs

    More family comedy? Yes, please! We love any show that makes our family look more normal, so when looking for TV shows like Friends, The Goldbergs fits the bill perfectly. We’ve missed sibling rivalries since the days of Ross and Monica, but here we get to sit back and enjoy them all over again. Plus, just like Friends, we get to enjoy some retro comedy, but from the ‘80s this time rather than the ‘90s; gotta love those parachute pants after all!

    If you’re part of The Friends Zone, then you know it’s hard to imagine a life without watching at least one episode a month, but in between viewing we can now enjoy one of these many TV shows like Friends to give us plenty of new laughs. So grab the perfect Central Perk style coffee and enjoy!

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