TV Shows Like Doctor Who For Your Next Trip In The TARDIS

We think it’s ‘time’ to get your sci-fi on!


    Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in Gallifrey for the past five decades, you’ll know that the British sci-fi television show, Doctor Who, is kind of a big deal. Actually, when we say ‘a big deal’ – we actually mean it’s the biggest deal in the whole universe. Including Skaro. After all, can you really get anything better than a Time Lord with a Sonic Screwdriver and time machine/spacecraft that’s in the shape of a retro police box? We think not. Although we know that Doctor Who is da bomb diggity, we do like to see what else is out there in the broad expanse of time and space, which is why we love to check out these TV shows like Doctor Who for your next trip in the TARDIS…

    TV Shows Like Doctor Who

    Doctor Who has wowed fans since it first debuted onto our screens in 1963 (yep, it really is that old!) and The Doctors have all had their own part to play in the story. They’ve been hilarious, they’ve been quirky, they’ve been intense, and they’ve even been a little scary sometimes. Yet, we still haven’t given up our dream of becoming The Doctor’s companion at some point in our lives. There’s still time, right? If you need a backup career option, you might want to look at these TV shows like Doctor Who to see if anything else takes your fancy.

    Primeval (2007 – 2011)

    TV Shows Like Doctor Who: Primeval
    If you love Doctor Who, you will love Primeval. With a whole host of extraterrestrial beings and activity, this show is the definition of extra (geddit?) Although you’d like to think that The Doctor is the only person working overtime to save the world from modern and prehistoric aliens, it seemed as though the cast of Primeval just couldn’t let the human race fall victim to some dodgy green guys either. Awh, thanks!

    Torchwood (2006 – 2011)

    TV Shows Like Doctor Who: Torchwood
    I mean, you knew this one was coming. As the spin-off show from Doctor Who itself, Torchwood is the perfect show to watch after binge-watching Matt Smith do his thing in the TARDIS – we wonder if that was before or after he married Queen Elizabeth II? Following the exploits of Captain Jack Harkness and the Torchwood Industry, this show is Doctor Who but on a smaller scale… and with an American in the driver’s seat.

    Sherlock (2010 – Present Day)

    TV Shows Like Doctor Who: Sherlock
    One of the main reasons we’re obsessed with Doctor Who is because it is quintessentially British. Wanna know what else is quintessentially British? Benedict Cumberbatch! Yep, if you’re a fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock will definitely fill your boots with entertainment. With Sherlock Holmes and John Watson taking on the world and saving crime in London, you don’t need much else in your life.

    Farscape (1999 – 2003)

    TV Shows Like Doctor Who: Farscape
    If you’re looking for TV shows like Doctor Who because of the weird and wonderful alien life, you should definitely add Farscape to your watching list. This Australian-American sci-fi show first came onto our screens in 1999 (so it’s definitely retro) and brought us some of the most unusual alien prosthetics you will ever come across. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s also ridiculously brilliant.

    Although we love to watch Doctor Who at any given opportunity, sometimes we just need The Doctor a little break to regenerate. So, if you’re looking for something to pass the time, check out these TV shows like Doctor Who!

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