TV Shows Like Dexter If You Love The Dark Side Of The Law

Because we all love a bit of gore sometimes, right? Right….?!


    A slide of the hand, a cut of the knife, and you’re gone. How did it all happen so quickly? No, we’re not talking about a crazed criminal on the loose – we mean Dexter, the local police blood splatter expert. Scary. Thankfully, you’ll only make your way onto Dexter’s special list if the law has failed and you need to be removed from society. However, once the blood has been cleared away and the plastic wrap is folded back, we can find ourselves with a hole to fill. Thankfully, these TV shows like Dexter are there to pick up the slack.

    TV shows like Dexter

    So, you have a lust for blood and love the dark side of the law? Snap! Here, you’ll find plenty to keep your gory taste buds tickled, as well as a look at both sides of the law thanks to these TV shows like Dexter.

    Hannibal (2013 – 2015)

    TV Shows Like Dexter: Hannibal
    If you’re looking for TV shows like Dexter, then look no further. Dr. Hannibal Lecter works as a forensic psychiatrist, while on the side loves to end people’s lives and eat their bodies. Whatever floats your boat. Now, he has his own TV show! However, Hannibal is about to have his eyes opened as Will Graham, a client sent to him after working on a hefty case, seems to empathize with people like Hannibal. Little does he know that he is face to face with one of the most prolific criminals in the area. Will Hannibal ever be able to uncover his true identity?

    Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

    TV Shows Like Dexter: Breaking Bad
    Sometimes, we just have to do bad things in this world, even if we are good people. When Walter White is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he knows he hasn’t got long to secure the future of his family. Only, his school teacher wage doesn’t go very far. So why not turn to selling narcotics on the side instead? Of course, living life on both sides of the law doesn’t come without its troubles. Especially when no one can know what Walter is up to, apart from his former student, Jesse.

    Prison Break (2005 – present)

    TV Shows Like Dexter: Prison Break
    Thank goodness, Prison Break returned to our screens in 2017 after an eight-year gap! If you want a TV show like Dexter, but are looking for life on the other side of the law, then we might have the answer for you. Prison Break follows Michael as he gets himself thrown in high-security prison. Why? To use his intricate tattoo to help his brother escape after he is wrongly sentenced to death. However, not everything is as it seems. It looks as though the two brothers are part of a much bigger plan than they could have ever guessed…

    Bates Motel (2013 – 2017)

    TV Shows Like Dexter: Bates Motel
    We’re pretty sure that if you like Dexter, then you’ll love Bates Motel. Norman Bates was the star of the horror classic Psycho, but what was it that made this maniac the way he is? This TV series takes a step back in time (even though it’s set in the modern day) as we learn the ins and outs of Norman’s younger years. While it still might not explain how cuddling up to your mom’s corpse is normal, Bates Motel uncovers what made this mother-son relationship so twisted in the first place.

    American Horror Story: Asylum (2012 – 2013)

    TV Shows Like Dexter: American Horror Story Asylum
    We’ve got you covered when looking for TV shows similar to Dexter thanks to season two of American Horror Story – Asylum. The series is based around the Briarcliff Manor where a whole host of patients are taken in. Only, there could be more to their stories than meets the eye… Just like Dexter, the season is filled with plenty of tense moments as the patients battle to prove their sanity and innocence, as well as fighting beings from another world. If you’re looking for true Ryan Murphy twists and turns mixed with an eerie undertone, then this series has it all.

    Dexter is a show that we can’t help but love. Sure, he might use his time to end the lives of people all across Miami, but Dexter is just misunderstood, right? So when you need your fix of tension and crime, look no further than these TV shows like Dexter that prove anyone out there could be living a life we never knew about…

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