TV Shows Like Black Mirror For When You’re Feeling Twisted

These shows will have you feeling pretty darksided


    We won’t use the word “anthology series” because we know for a fact that you’ll fall asleep. Oops, okay we did just say the most boring phrase in existence – so right now we’d like you to wake up and realize that, although the genre sounds boring AF, it’s actually anything but. Perhaps the greatest show in existence falls within this category, and that’s Black Mirror. This Charlie Brooker sci-fi series has produced five seasons, and right now, we don’t know if we’ll ever get a sixth. If you’re like us and you miss having this compelling show on your screen, you might want to check out these TV shows like Black Mirror.

    TV Shows Like Black Mirror

    Black Mirror is the kind of show that can make you hate and love the world at the same time, and there’s no denying the fact that Charlie Brooker is the ultimate genius. With the exploration of technology, dystopia, horror, and satire – there is nothing that this guy won’t cover. But if you’re looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ extra, you’ll love these TV shows similar to Black Mirror.

    Mr. Robot (2015 – 2019)

    Rami Malek may have recently stolen the show as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, but before he started bustin’ out Queen tunes, he made a name for himself in the drama thriller, Mr. Robot. For this show, he takes on the role of Elliot Alderson, who pays his rent as a cybersecurity engineer. Of course, we’re all a little different outside of the office, and Elliot is the same. When the sun sets, he becomes Mr. Robot, within the elusive “fsociety” – and we won’t tell you any more, because we don’t want to spoil it. Just know that it’s awesome.

    Electric Dreams (2017 – 2018)

    If you love Black Mirror, you’ll love Electric Dreams. No doubt. Based on the writings of Philip K. Dick, this anthology series (there we go again) has all of the components of Black Mirror, but with some slight alterations. Following a different story every single episode, you never quite know what’s going to come your way – but that’s exactly why we love it so much. From telepathic tendencies to quantum consciousness, to planets under attack, and more, Electric Dreams really will make your dreams electric.

    American Horror Story (2011 – Present)

    Just like Charlie Brooker, Ryan Murphy is a freakin’ genius. Although fans were a little skeptical of his plans when he announced his horror anthology series (after all, Glee is a little different), AHS has since taken over the world. With a whopping nine seasons to its name – and at least four more to come – every season of this show brings us something new. Whether your favorite is Asylum, Roanoke, Cult, or one of the many others, we can guarantee that you all have your fave characters. Yep, we have a soft spot for Evan Peters, but who doesn’t? If Black Mirror is up your street, we guarantee that you’ll love this one too.

    Westworld (2016 – Present)

    We love it when creative minds band together to make something ridiculously amazing, and that’s exactly what happened with Westworld. This show first came onto our screens in 2016, and immediately thrust us into a brand new world (a West-World, you could say. Har-har). Taking place in a theme park that revolves around the Wild Wild West, the “hosts” have no idea that they are actually living in a simulation. Instead, they are simply the pawns of the “guests” who get to live out their fantasies. But will the “hosts” stick to their roles? Well, you better watch to find out.

    Humans (2015 – 2018)

    The Brits really know how to make an awesome sci-fi show, because Humans is just another one to add to their already lengthy list. This TV show like Black Mirror also follows themes of artificial intelligence and robotics. As “Synths” enter nearly every home in the United Kingdom, it’s their job to serve their owners – but what happens when these AI’s start to think for themselves? As soon as the authorities realize that there are Synths out there who aren’t conforming to their coding, it’s fair to say that a heck load of drama ensues. You’ll need popcorn for this one.


    Although it may seem impossible that there is a series out there to rival Black Mirror, there are certainly TV shows like Black Mirror that are pretty darn close. If you don’t believe us, at least you can just binge-watch these programs while you wait for news about a potential sixth season. It’s a win-win for everyone. You can thank us later.