TV Shows Like American Crime Story For When You Want To Uncover The Secrets

Can you tell the truth from the lies?


    Back in 2016, the talented mind of Ryan Murphy created a show that was set to change the way the world thought about America’s true crime history. With each season focusing on a different trial and investigation, the show dramatizes the events so we can view them like never before. With most people having a secret side that wants to investigate the unknown, we need TV shows like American Crime Story to give us the knowledge we’re searching for.

    Top TV Shows Like American Crime Story

    For the people in search of shows that will uncover the true crimes in America, or looking for Ryan Murphy’s brilliant creations, there are plenty of TV shows like American Crime Story that will give you heaps of TV time. After all, sitting patiently for the next installment of the show, due to be released in 2018, can be a struggle when we have a thirst for knowledge.

    American Crime (2015 – 2017)

    TV shows like American Crime Story - American Crime

    This award-winning show has 29 episodes of edge of your seat drama. Just like American Crime Story, this show focuses on a different storyline each season while using the same recurring cast members in new roles. Similar to American Crime Story, American Crime follows the lives of everyone involved in a murder trial during the first season but instead uses fictional stories to highlight social issues in America. If you love American Crime Story, then you will love the way that American Crime covers their storylines.

    American Horror Story (2011 – present)

    TV shows like American Crime Story - American Horror Story

    When searching for TV shows like American Crime Story, it is hard to ignore one of Murphy’s earlier creations. Sticking with the American and Ryan Murphy themes, American Horror Story is the dark show that changed TV series as we know them. Murphy uses the same main cast members every time, but in a twist, they return as new characters with each new season. Like American Crime Story, the series has a unique story arc each year that delves into the darker side of fictitious America.

    Making a Murderer (2015 – present)

    TV shows like American Crime Story - Making a Murderer

    Over the years there have been plenty of true crime shows that delve into the underbelly of the justice system, but when searching for TV shows like American Crime Story, there is one that stands above most others: Making a Murderer. This show follows the life and trial of Steven Avery after he is wrongly convicted for one crime, but quickly finds himself as the leading suspect for another. Similar to American Crime Story, the show follows the trials, but here it uses all using real footage and interviews rather than dramatization, and follows a crime that is still waiting to be answered.

    The Confession Tapes (2017 – present)

    TV shows like American Crime Story - The Confession Tapes

    When it comes to uncovering the truth behind crimes, The Confession Tapes does this in all new ways. Similar to American Crime Story, the show aims to reveal the secrets of the courtroom that could lead to a wrongful conviction, but by delving into how truthful the suspects’ confessions are. If you like American Crime story, then you’ll love The Confession Tapes as they both aim to uncover the courtroom secrets that can leave the nation questioning who is really guilty of these crimes.

    The Staircase (2004)

    TV shows like American Crime Story - The Staircase

    This series was short-lived, but it goes down as being one of the most binge-worthy. The show follows the story of Michael Peterson’s investigation and trial after he is suspect number one in his wife, Kathleen’s, murder case. With one of the other prime suspects being an owl (yes, really) it sounds like something only Ryan Murphy could think up, making it the perfect TV show like American Crime Story, but believe us, the case is all 100% true.

    American Crime Story covers the true crimes of the nation in a way that has never been done before, but waiting in between seasons can leave us with plenty of time on our hands. These TV shows like American Crime Story give us plenty of excuses to spend the weekends in front of the screen as we learn what really happens when looking into some of the most significant crimes of our time…

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