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These TV & Movie Cast Reunion Photos Will Make You Feel Old

If these pictures don’t make you feel old, nothing will

    Let’s be honest, being an adult totally sucks. Yep, we’re not afraid to say it. We’re done with pretending to like being an adult – because really, who does? There’s bills to pay, there’s work to be done, there’s housework piling up, there’s food to be cooked – and not the kind of yummy dinners we used to eat (yay for Turkey Dinosaurs) – and there’s a whole host of adult shizz to be getting on with. So, when we’re trying to avoid being a strong, independent human being (eugh), we like to settle down on the couch, escape reality, and find solace in our television screen.

    However, being obsessed with TV shows and movies does come with its downfalls – and we’re not just talking about the fact that we eat candy all day, every day. Instead, we have to deal with the fact that at some point, our favorite movie or TV program will come to an end. Most of the time, we’re not emotionally prepared for that day to come. Yuh-huh, we shed a tear (okay, we bawled our eyes out) when the Monica and Chandler left their keys on the counter in their iconic kitchen, we fist-pumped the air when The Breakfast Club’s credits rolled down the screen, and we couldn’t help but sing ‘Hey Now’ at the top of our lungs when we realized Lizzie Mcguire would no longer grace our television screens. Although we try to forget these devastating days, we fondly remember the incredible moments these movies and TV shows brought us, and live in the hope that one day they will reunite and make all of our screens come true.

    Thankfully, our favorite cast members from our favorite TV shows and movies do reunite every so often, and they’re gonna make you pretty darn emotional. Are you prepared?

    The Lord of the Rings

    This movie is a firm favorite amongst Lord of the Rings fans, the Hobbit fans, and general fans of (the genius) J.R.R Tolkien. And the cast came together in 2017 to show their fans that they haven’t forgotten Middle Earth or their characters. Although we don’t think Legolas would have got very far with a fork as a weapon…

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