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These Are the Best Cartoons of All Time – Ranked in Order of Epicness

Which one was your favorite?

    Ahhhhh, cartoons. Could there be anything better than laying on the sofa at the weekend after a long weekend of work/school, with a mug of tea or hot chocolate in hand, still in your dressing gown, watching a few cartoons? (Or, more likely, a whole day’s worth of cartoons?) Answer: nope. We all have our favorite cartoons, but have you ever wondered what everyone else thinks? Take a look at the best cartoons of all time – ranked in order of epicness.

    35. Adventure Time

    best cartoons of all time - adventure time

    There’s not one episode of Adventure Time where we’ve thought, ‘nah, this isn’t for us.’ Each episode is expertly crafted, and we’re just so jealous of the lives Finn and Jake the Dog lead. I mean, what could be better than protecting the Land of Ooo from all of its enemies and foes? Answer: There’s nothing better than that.

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