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There’s a new Friends Cafe In Pune and We’re Already On Our Way

I’ll be there for youuuuu…. As long as you’re in Pune.


    If you’ve watched any episode of friends, ever, you’ll know the Central Perk Cafe. Or if you’ve watched every single episode of friends, ever, you’ll be obsessed with the Central Perk Cafe! Central Perk is the place for Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey to hang out, chill out on the sofa, drink a coffee and listen to Phoebe’s (amazing) rendition of ‘Smelly Cat.’ But have you ever watched the show and thought – dang, I’d like to go there? Well now you can!

    A new cafe has opened up in Pune, India, and doesn’t just feature Central Perk…but absolutely everything to do with Friends. So if you’re an uber-fan…book your plane tickets now!

    So, what can you expect to see? Well, the cafe is decked out in retro ‘90s memorabilia and even features iconic aspects of the set. You can take a seat on the classic orange sofa and admire the Friends artwork and slogan on the walls. Or why not read their fancy chalkboard that features quotes from the show that you just can’t help but use in everyday life? (How you doin’?) You can even have your cake and eat it in a replica of Monica’s/Monica and Rachel’s/Monica and Chandler’s/Joey and Ross’s/oh who knows’ apartment. And of course, you have to enter the cafe through the iconic purple door – yellow framed spy-hole and all.

    The cafe was set up by student, Preetam Kirad and his sister, who wanted to create a fun space for Friends fans to hang out and enjoy all of the authenticities of Central Perk and the Friends show. Well they certainly got that right. Alongside all of the furniture and replicas, the cafe is home to everything Friends – from ginormous scrabble letters on the wall to spell out cast members’ names, to giant framed photos of the Friends and iconic colourful stools and chairs.

    Who wants to take a trip to India? Like, now? Let’s hope their coffee lives up to the cafe, at least Rachel won’t be serving it…

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