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There’s a Friends Musical Coming Soon and We NEED Tickets

Could we BE any more excited?


    Yes, you heard that right. For starters, we love Friends. Who doesn’t? And we love musicals. So what could be a better combination?

    It’s been thirteen since everyone’s favorite TV sitcom last took to our screens, and it seems we’ll be getting our group of Friends back – but this time on the stage. It’s been confirmed that a new Friends Musical will be released in Fall 2017, and we’re more than excited. The new musical has not been officially endorsed by the franchise, but has been created by Broadway parody masters, Tobly and Bob McSmith who have brought us the likes of Katdashians! The Musical!, Bayside! The Musical!, 90210! The Musical! And Saved By the Bell musical…and now Friends! The Musical! And it’s set to be just as funny, snarky and sarcastic as the original TV show, and McSmith’s previous shows.

    Yes, this really is happening. Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey will be there for you, singing and dancing on the stage – and it won’t just be Phoebe playing the guitar and singing ‘Smelly Cat.’ Oh no, from the song titles, we can tell we’ll be in for a treat. Here’s just a taster of the songs that will be included in the musical – and they’re genius:

    ‘Oh.My.God. It’s Janice!’
    ‘The Ballad of Fat Monica’
    ‘We Were On a Break’
    ‘Could I BE Anymore…in Love with Monica’
    ‘We’ll Always Be There For You’

    I mean, how amazing does this sound? And there could even be the chance of a Friends guest star or two. In the past, the McSmith’s have been pretty good at getting one or two original cast members on the stage. So keep your eyes peeled…Tickets will be going on sale in June (we’ve already set our alarms) and the show will happen at some point in the Fall.

    Could this be any cooler?

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