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The Most Outrageous Guest Stars on I Love Lucy

Batman makes an appearance!

    I Love Lucy was one of the United States’ favorite TV sitcom, and what was not to love? Starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley, the show ran from 1951 to 1957 and was the winner of five Emmy awards along with numerous other award nominations. As well as being an all-round top dog program, the sitcom was also famous for its guest stars. Check out the most outrageous guest stars on I Love Lucy…

    Eve Arden

    Eve Arden had a short, but sweet appearance in I Love Lucy in 1955. She appeared in the ‘Hollywood At Last’ where she played herself. While Lucy and Ethel wait for their food in a restaurant, the two argue over who they think a portrait on the wall depicts. Ethel then asks a woman (who, incidentally, is Eve Arden) in the booth next door to them if it is Judy Holliday or Shelley Winters. The woman replies that it is neither, and the portrait is actually of Eve Arden…

    William Holden

    Stalag 17 star, William (Bill Holden) also appeared in the ‘Hollywood At Last’ episode and is even in the same restaurant as Eve Arden. Lucy notices that Bill Holden is across the booth from her and can’t stop staring (who could?). Bill then decides to turn the tables and stare at Lucy, to see how she likes it…

    Don Loper

    Famous fashion designer, Don Loper, appeared as himself in ‘The Fashion Show’ episode. In this episode, Lucy begs Ricky for an original Don Loper dress, so go to the store. While there, Lucy overhears Mrs. Sheila MccRay telling Don Loper that they’re one wife short for the upcoming celebrity wives’ fashion show. Somehow, Lucy fakes a phone call as a wife and gets into the show.

    Hedda Hopper

    Columnist Hedda Hopper appears as herself in ‘The Hedda Hopper Story’ in season four. In this episode, Lucy and Ricky want to impress Hedda to be mentioned in her column, so they have a plan: Lucy will pretend she’s drowning so Ricky can saver her. Even though Hedda only appears in the episode’s final moments, the episode is all about her and her column.

    Cornel Wilde

    Hungarian-American actor and film director, Cornel Wilde, appeared in ‘The Star Upstairs episode in season four. Cornel starred as himself and stayed in the penthouse upstairs from Lucy. When Lucy finds this out, she decides to pose as a bellboy to try and get into his penthouse to meet him. Whatever floats your boat…

    Rock Hudson

    Rock Hudson appeared as himself in the ‘In Palm Springs Episode,’ where Lucy and Ethel go to Palm Springs after having a fight with Ricky and Fred. While there, they meet actor and heart-throb, Rock Hudson. After talking to them, Hudson manages to get everyone back together and to make up. Aww, thanks, Rock…

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