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30 of The Most Outrageous Guest Stars on Friends

Celebs getting to live the dream since 1994…

    Ever wished you could go to Central Perk and talk Dinosaurs with Ross? Sing ‘Smelly Cat’ with Phoebe? Compare hand model poses with Joey? Me too. Every day. But for these celebrities, they got the real thing. Take a look at our favorite ever guest stars (and some of the most outrageous) on Friends.

    Anna Faris

    Anna played Erica, the surrogate mother who made Monica and Chandler’s dreams come true with a baby (actually, two babies, they weren’t expecting that). At first, Erica was unsure who the biological father was – her high school boyfriend or ‘Shovelly Joe,’ the shovel-killer. Spoiler alert: It was the high school boyfriend, thankfully.

    Ben Stiller

    Ben Stiller appears in Season 3, ‘The One With The Screamer’, where he literally is the Screamer. Playing Rachel’s date, Ben is an irrational screamer who flips at any opportunity, creating awkward (and loud) situations for Rachel and her friends. Hilariously Ben Stiller, as always.

    Christina Applegate

    Christina plays Rachel’s ‘other’ sister – Amy Green. She appears in two different episodes, ‘The One With Rachel’s Other Sister’ and ‘The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits.’ There’s no doubt that Amy is the irresponsible one, as shown when she gets Emma’s ears pierced.

    Winona Ryder

    Ryder plays Melissa Warburton, a friend of Rachel’s from college who she drunkenly kissed one night. Melissa pretends she doesn’t remember the kiss, so Rachel kisses her again. Melissa magically remembers everything and confesses that she’s actually in love with Rachel. Wit-Woo.

    Alec Baldwin

    “OMG, IT’S ALEC BALDWIN!” is what Alec Baldwin’s character Parker would say…you know, if he wasn’t played by Alec Baldwin. Parker is an incredibly enthusiastic friend of Phoebe’s who just proves too…excitable for Phoebe and her friends.

    Jennifer Coolidge

    Hello, dah-ling. Jennifer plays British-but-not-really-British friend of Phoebe and Monica – Amanda Buffamonteeze (yes, Buffamonteeze.I know.) With her fake British accent and questionable botox, Phoebe and Monica attempt to avoid their old roommate – with no luck. If you’re struggling to place Coolidge, she’s Stifler’s Mom!

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