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The John Lewis Christmas Advert Is Here And It’s Monstrously Good

We’ve fallen in love with Moz…


    Let’s be honest, this is THE BEST time of year. We’ve just had Halloween and dressed up in our favorite fancy dress outfits (I’m a mouse, duh), we’re getting ready to see the Coca-Cola truck roam our streets (holidays are coming), the nights are getting colder which means it’s totally acceptable to toast marshmallows on an open fire every single night (yep, we do that) and because this time of year means the John Lewis Christmas advert makes its debut. Hooray!

    The new John Lewis Christmas advert is here

    Over the last decade or so, waiting for the John Lewis Christmas advert has almost been as exciting as waiting for Christmas itself – mostly because we can’t wait to see whether it’s going to make us cry or not. Yep, over the past few years, it has become a running theme for the John Lewis’ marketing department to think of all of the things that make us feel totes emosh, and whack them all together in one emotional sandwich. It’s like the Queen Rihanna once said, we hate how much we love you, John Lewis advert, and we hate how much we need you; even if you do make us have an emotional breakdown.

    In the past, the retailer has pulled on our heartstrings with the Man on the Moon, Monty the Penguin, The Bear and the Hare, The Journey, and more, so we couldn’t wait to see what this year would bring. So, enough jibber-jabbering, here’s the 2017 John Lewis Christmas Advert. But be warned, it’s monstrously good…

    Okay, we wouldn’t even mind if Moz was hiding underneath our bed, because he is super cute. Although we did notice a Monsters Inc. 2319 style sock attached to his fur…

    This new advert has been created by Michael Gondry, the writer, producer and genius of the popular Hollywood movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – which is a pretty big deal for the UK based retailer. With Gondry on board, they’ve managed to create an emotional story of a young boy and the monster under his bed, making us both laugh and cry, smile and pout, and really want to buy a star night light for our bedroom, so hats off to the big guy.

    Moz is the adorable monster in new John Lewis Christmas advert

    However, it’s not just the storyline that makes us super emotional. In the background, an emotionally charged cover of The Beatles’ song, Golden Slumbers, has been provided by Elbow. This epic song will also form part of their new ‘Best Of’ album which will hit stores on November 24.

    So, what do you think of the new advert?

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