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The Crystal Maze 2017 – When does it start, what channel is it on, everything you need to know!

Start the fans, please!


    This Friday, don your multi-colored polyester suit, grab your wooden sand-timer, and limber up – because it’s time to re-enter The Crystal Maze 2017!

    Channel 4 is throwing us back to the ‘90s this week with the first ever episode of the epic revival series of The Crystal Maze. So cancel your plans, because you’re going to be screaming at the TV, saying ‘I could do that better than that doofus’ and practicing your problem-solving skills at 9 pm on Friday, June 23. Perhaps just cancel your whole plans for the weekend, because you’re gonna need to have time to rewatch it twenty times…

    What channel is Crystal Maze on? When does Crystal Maze 2017 start? We have all the updates!

    This Crystal Maze 2017 revival series comes after an incredibly successful celebrity Stand Up To Cancel revival episode last year, with Stephen Merchant as the incredible (and bald. Where did his hair go?) Maze Master. Along with football star, Rio Ferdinand as the team captain. Due to its success among ‘90s nostalgia lovers, and people who love a good game show (i.e everyone in the whole entire world), Channel 4 have decided to bring it back full time with a brand new 20-episode series. It all kicks off with a celebrity special this Friday, including the likes of Lydia Bright, Ore Oduba, Vicky Pattison, Alex Brooker and Louie Spence competing.

    But that’s not the only thing that’s new. You’re in for a treat.

    The revival series will feature a brand new Maze Master – hilarious comedian, Travel Man and IT buff, Richard Ayoade. And we couldn’t think of a better Maze Master if we tried. Just like Richard O’Brien, the OG Maze Master, Ayoade will be distancing himself from the contestants to make sure the whole game is fair – and we reckon he’s got a few comedic ideas up his sleeves (we’ve heard rumors of a wooden hand…)

    Richard Ayoade is taking the helm for the Crystal Maze 2017 and it's going to be amazing

    The new series will also change tactics in terms of the groups and the contestants. In the original Crystal Maze show, the contestants were in groups of six randomly selected individuals, who only met each other on the day of the challenges. However, in this new set-up, contestants apply as a group of five. (Who else is already thinking of the four best people in your life to team up with and smash The Crystal Maze? Us too). During each episode, these groups will come together to try and win crystals, and tokens for epic days out – but will anyone be able to beat the team of Karate Instructions who first appeared on the original show in the ‘90s?

    And it doesn’t stop there, either – because there will even be brand-new Crystal Maze zones!

    We don’t want to give too much away, as it will spoil the surprise, but we’ll give you a little teaser…there will be an all-new Futuristic Zone, with an incredible space-age design, with gleaming white corridors that wouldn’t look out of place in Doctor Who.

    Excited? You should be. You can see the trailer here, in preparation.

    Tune in tomorrow to see what the Crystal Maze 2017 is all about. We’re ready…start the fans!

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