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Seth MacFarlane’s New Sci-Fi Spoof – The Orville – Has Its First Trailer

It’ll either be a monumental success or an intergalactic flop


    Seth MacFarlane is famous for two things: hilarious, animated TV shows and equally hilarious live-action movies. So, what happens when you combine two of the things he does best? You get The Orville – a live-action TV show that we’re hoping is going to be just as rib-achingly funny as the likes of Family Guy, Ted and American Dad!

    Seth has been a busy bee when it comes down to this new series, The Orville, having written the scripts, being the main star in it, and also being the executive producer. The exclusive trailer from San Diego Comic Con gives us a little insight into the series, without giving too much away. We do know it’s going to be packed with MacFarlane’s typical schoolboy humor – and that it’s practically a spoof of Star Trek. The aliens also look a little bit like they’ve stepped off the set of Power Rangers, so, you know…

    seth macfarlane's orville releases its first trailer

    The first season of The Orville is set to debut on FOX on 10 September, 2017 with 13 hour-long episodes. The Orville is apparently set 300 years in the future, on a ship of the same name. The pilot has been directed by Jon Favreau, best known for Iron Man 1 and 2, Elf and the 2016 version of The Jungle Book. According to reports, Favreau will also be sticking around as an executive producer and consultant for the rest of the show.

    While the trailer has left us a little unsure as to whether this is going to be an epic sci-fi comedy or an epic flop, we know we’re going to be watching it regardless. After all, combining a comedy great with spaceships should be a recipe for greatness. Let’s just hope it lives up to the Seth MacFarlane hype.

    Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think:

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