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Sesame Street Are Introducing A New Muppet, Julia, With Autism

Julia will raise awareness and teach children at the same time: Win-win!


    Sesame Street is the kind of TV show that you can watch on any occasion – if you’re feeling sad, happy, angry or bored. Sesame Street is guaranteed to entertain. It is one of the most beloved TV shows in history, and although it’s made primarily for children…adults love it too. (Come on, you know you love it). The show has been around for over 50 years and is still going strong. But the best thing about Sesame Street is that it’s real (well, they’re puppets so not really that real) and it’s evolving with the times.

    Sesame Street is a show known for their charismatic characters they call ‘The Muppets’ and it uses these characters to educate and tackle difficult subjects that children may not necessarily learn elsewhere. And we love Sesame Street for it.

    In a new statement, Sesame Street creators have announced that a new Muppet will be joining the show – Julia. Julia has already been a part of the online storybook since 2015, but will now be making her on-screen debut in April on the show. But what’s so special about Julia, you ask? Well, Julia is the first Muppet on the show to have autism.

    Sesame Street has always been known for researching their characters, bringing educators onto the show and including child psychologists to heighten its educational aspect. And this enormous step is now giving its audience the chance to understand and interact with the concept, to teach children and adults to improve awareness. The CEO of the National Autistic Society has said that this is a big move in the world of autism – everyone has heard of it but not that many people understand it. Julia will allow people to understand the difficulties and strengths of people with autism.

    Throughout the show, we see Julia explaining why she struggles to respond to greetings, gets upset when there’s too much noise and gets excited very easily. What’s also important is the other Muppets’ reactions to Julia – they accept her. This not only teaches children what autism is, but also how to deal with it. This is incredibly important for them and the lives of children and adults with autism.

    Kudos to Sesame Street for using their huge platform to inform and educate their audience, include Julia and for just being genuinely awesome. We love you, Sesame Street.

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