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Roseanne IS FINALLY Getting a Reboot But It’s Not All Good News

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    So we’ve been talking about a Roseanne reboot for a while now, and the rumor mill has been off and on more times than Ross and Rachel with this show. Will it come back? Won’t it? Well, it’s now FINALLY confirmed, and America’s favorite show will becoming back onto our screens! But not everyone is happy about it.

    Roseanne became incredibly popular during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s and featured the likes of Roseanne Barr (if you couldn’t guess from the name), John Goodman (we can only refer to him as Sully. Soz), and Sara Gilbert – and most of the main characters have now been confirmed for the new reboot. The revival is said to air next year for an eight-episode season on ABC, when we can FINALLY see what’s going on with the Conners.

    roseanne reboot

    But TV giants are now coming into question – can they just get away with rehashing their old ‘80s and ‘90s shows and get away with it? With competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime creating and releasing their own original content, can these reboots compete? We’ve done Will & Grace, we’ve done Gilmore Girls, we’ve done Twin Peaks, we’ve done The X-Files – do we need them again? Well, here at RetroEnt, we’re living for the fact our retro shows our coming back onto our screens (and wish we had more) – and some people share our excitement, but others don’t.

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