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The 30 Most Outrageous Guest Stars on Seinfeld

Who can forget some of these famous faces on Seinfeld?

    From 1988 to 1998, Seinfeld blessed our screens and quickly became one of the most-loved sitcoms out there. With the nation’s favorite comedian, Jerry Seinfeld being the writer and star of the show…Seinfeld (both person and program) stole the country’s hearts. However, he didn’t do it alone! Here are some of the greatest guest stars to ever make it onto Seinfeld.

    Jennifer Coolidge

    American Pie veteran, Jennifer Coolidge is known for her appearances in sitcoms such as Friends and Seinfeld. Jennifer played the role of Jodi in the episode. ‘The Masseuse’ …as the masseuse. Jodi dates Jerry, and all he really wants is a good massage, but she won’t give him one – even though she would massage Kramer. Jerry won’t give up his demands, and Jodi eventually ends it with him.

    Jon Lovitz

    Comedian and actor, Jon Lovitz, appeared in ‘The Scofflaw’ as Gary Fogel. After Gary has an argument with George, he tells George that he has cancer. After a while, George confronts Gary, who finally gives in and tells him that he doesn’t really have cancer, he just wears a toupee to have more confidence and pick up girls. His name also appears in the episode ‘The Face Painter’ where it is revealed that he has died.

    David Letterman

    The renowned TV show host appeared as himself in the episode ‘Abstinence.’ Jerry was supposed to be interviewed on the David Letterman Show, but after Jerry’s appearance at a high school had gone disastrously wrong, Letterman decided to cancel Jerry’s cameo on his show. You gotta impress the Letterman, Jerry…

    Raquel Welch

    One Million Years B.C star (Yes, THAT bikini) Raquel Welch appeared in the episode ‘The Summer of George’ as herself. This episode takes place at the Tony Awards, where Jerry and Kramer are in attendance. In a rush up to the stage, Kramer gets caught amongst the winners and finds himself being awarded the award that should have gone to Raquel.

    Bette Midler

    Singer, actress and all-around wondrous woman, Bette Midler starred as herself in the episode ‘The Understudy.’ Midler was meant to take part in a Broadway show but was injured by George during a softball game, and her role is taken over by her understudy. Ouch!

    Bryan Cranston

    We’ve seen Bryan Cranston portray himself as a (cough) chemist in Breaking Bad, and we’ve seen him as a father in Malcolm in the Middle…but do you remember him as a dentist? Cranston appeared in five Seinfeld episodes, as Dr. Tim Whatley. He appeared in the episodes: The Labelmaker; The Yada Yada; The Jimmy; The Mom and Pop Store and The Strike.

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