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The Most Famous Guest Stars on That ’70s Show

One of your favorite voice actors (D’Oh!) makes an appearance…


Alright, we’re gonna level with you. Here at RetroEnt, we’re TV obsessed. Yep, we’ve got a problem. We have issues. We have TV on the brain – and we’re pretty sure we have square eyes from looking at our television screens for so long (our moms were right!) But really, is there anyone who ISN’T TV obsessed? With the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and allllllll of the TV channels on offer nowadays, how could we not be?

Over the past few decades, we’ve been introduced to new and improved TV shows that have changed the course of history forever. Yuh-huh, they’re that impressive. There’s Stranger Things (amazing), there’s How To Get Away With Murder (gripping), there’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Pinot-Noirrrrrrrr!), and there’s Game of Thrones (incredible) – and all of them make us want to sit in our underpants with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, a bucket of popcorn and a good ol’ blanket to binge watch episode after episode. However, there is no TV show that comes close to That ‘70s Show.

That ‘70s Show first aired in 1998 and followed the lives of a group of kids in Point Place, Wisconsin during the 1970s (AKA the best era ever). But these weren’t just any kids. Oh, no. This show pulled out all of the stops and managed to bag themselves an all-star cast for the major characters. We’re talking Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Masterson, Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith – and it’s fair to say they absolutely rocked it. Alongside these characters were a wealth of guest stars who would schmooze with them, booze with them, or just show their faces on one of the best TV shows ever created. Unfortunately, these faces came off our screens in 2006 (and we’re still not over it), so if you’re feeling a little blue and want to walk down memory lane, check out the most outrageous guest stars on That ‘70s Show…

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has definitely had some ups and downs during her acting career. Her appearance on That ’70s Show is a definite high point in her career – apart from Freaky Friday because, really, who could top that? Lindsay appears as Danielle in the episode “Mother’s Little Helper”. Long-story-short, Danielle becomes entwined in a love triangle between Fez and Kelso. *Spoiler Alert* She chooses Fez.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper That 70s Show

I know what you’re all thinking – Alice Cooper and That ’70s Show? Really? Alice Cooper makes a brief appearance during the “Radio Daze” episode, where he appears in Eric Forman’s dream. He then appears in the end credits of the episode, playing the card game Dungeons and Dragons. You don’t get more Rock ’n’ Roll than Dungeons and Dragons.

Betty White

Betty White appears in quite a few episodes throughout Season 5, playing Beatrice Sigurdson, Kitty Forman’s mother. Bea is definitely not one to mess with because she’s no sweet ol’ lady, that’s for sure. Beatrice is often seen being incredibly rude to those around her, yelling at her husband and being downright loud. But beneath all that, deep… deep down, there is a bit of niceness… somewhere. We still love you, Betty.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams was relatively unknown when she appeared on That ’70s Show in Season 2. Amy played Kat Peterson, the unwanted party guest, in the episode “Burning Down The House.” Even though she was a nightmare guest, Amy scored many high-profile roles after her performance on That ’70s Show and is now a household name.

Billy Dee Williams

It’s Lando! Wait… Lando isn’t a real person? Oh… okay. Well, Billy Dee Williams makes an appearance on That ’70s Show in Season 6, in the episode “Baby Don’t Do it.” Williams acts as the pastor at the church Eric and Donna go to after having a pregnancy scare.

Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor appears in all her glory in “Prom Night” in Season 1. Gaynor plays Mrs. Clark, a music teacher at the school. On their prom night, Mrs. Clark takes center stage and busts out the incredible “I Will Survive” with Fez as her dancing partner. I want to be at that prom!

Jim Rash

Jim Rash appears in a few episodes in Season 7, as the jewelry store owner Fenton. Across his other appearances, we watch as he becomes the landlord for Kelso and Fez. Fenton never really has many friends on the show, apart from Jackie.

Dan Castellaneta

You probably won’t recognize the face, but you’ll definitely recognize the voice. Let me give you a clue – “Mmm Donuts…” Yes, Dan Castellaneta is the voice of Homer Simpson. Although most famous for this, Dan has also dabbled with TV. In Season 6, Castellaneta plays Agent Armstrong, an agent assigned to investigate Fez’s immigration status and his marriage to Laurie.

Eliza Dushku

Eliza appears in Season 7 of That ’70s Show, in the episode “It’s All Over Now,” where she plays Sarah. She works with Donna at the local radio station and immediately causes discord amongst her fellow employees. To promote their radio station, Donna and Sarah’s manager asks the women to pose in their bikinis. Donna refuses and is fired. From what we know, Sarah continues to work there. You go, Donna.

Yvette Nicole Brown

You might recognize Yvette from her starring role in the NBC show Community. In That ’70s Show, Yvette plays a small cameo in the form of a desk sergeant. In the episode “You’re My Best Friend,” Fez, Kelso, and Randy all get arrested, and Yvette gets the pleasure of dealing with them – including getting sexually harassed by Fez.

Don Knotts

That 70s Show Guest Stars - Don Knotts

Don Knotts is not a guest appearance that you would forget in a hurry. You’d be ‘bananas’ if you did. Knott plays the nosy neighbor of Fez and Jackie, believing they keep having noisy relations… but they were actually just making a fruit salad. (That’s what they all say.)

Luke Wilson

That 70s Show Guest Stars: Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson was so popular with the That ’70s Show cast and crew that he appeared six times over a period of years. Wilson played Casey Kelso, the older brother of Michael. Whereas Michael was teased, Casey proved to be the smoother brother – and a definite hit with the ladies. Well, who can blame us?

Jim Gaffigan

That 70s Show Guest Stars: Jim Gaffigan

Comedian Jim Gaffigan plays funnyman Roy Keene throughout Seasons 5 and 6. Roy Keen is the manager of the Holliday Hotel and employs Hyde, Kelso, and Fez as waiters in his restaurant. Although Roy is portrayed as a bit socially awkward and insecure, he seems to have a positive effect on Hyde, who refers to him as the father he never had.

Jud Tylor

That 70s Show Guest Stars: Jud Tylor

Jud plays Samantha Hyde. Yes, Hyde. They got married! And in Vegas! (They were drunk.) Hyde does not remember getting married to Samantha, nor would he get married to Samantha if he knew that she was a stripper. The truth is found out and it all goes to pot.

Seth Green

That 70s Show Guest Stars: Seth Green

Seth Green appears in numerous episodes as Mitch Miller, and there’s no denying that his character is annoying. And he plays it well. Mitch seems to argue with everyone he comes across, especially Eric. Seth, I like. Mitch, I don’t.

Isaac Hayes

That 70s Show Guest Stars: Isaac Hayes

In an attempt to make himself cooler, Fez has a musical fantasy dream sequence, with the special guest appearance from singer Isaac Hayes. But I have to say, Isaac… I “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Allison Munn

That 70s Show Guest Stars: Allison Munn

“Fez gets the girl” – yeah literally this girl. Allison Munn plays Caroline, a transfer student that Fez gets the hots for. However, Fez soon realizes that Caroline, or ‘Crazy Caroline’ is one of the psycho-girlfriend-types. She is jealous, intimidating and aggressive and it all becomes too much for Fez.

Mary Tyler Moore

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Mary Tyler Moore

How could the best show on TV be complete without enlisting the help of one of the biggest names on TV? Mary Tyler Moore appeared in the final season of That 70s Show and played the arrogant and irritating character of Christine St. George. As the host of What’s Up Wisconsin, Christine is pretty darn full of herself – which means she and Jackie became the best of friends.

Danny Bonaduce

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce had one of the tastiest guest roles on That 70s Show. He appeared in two episodes of the series early on, as Eric’s manager. Yep, this dude worked at Fatso Burger and was one of the coolest bosses in existence. He didn’t really care what Eric got up to, as long as he got the job done (although that never really happened).

Megalyn Echikunowoke

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Megalyn

Keeping track of all of the characters in That 70s Show is pretty darn confusing if you’re not paying attention every single episode, because it changes like THAT *clicks fingers* We first met Angie in season 7, when Hyde finally met his birth father (and figured out where he got his hair from) and realized that he also had a half-sister. Angie soon gets up close and personal with Kelso…if you know what we mean.

Shannon Elizabeth

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth starred in nine episodes of That ‘70s Show as Brooke. Although she was a relatively minor character, she actually made a huge impact on the show and the characters – especially Kelso. Of course, Brooke was an ex-girlfriend of Michael Kelso’s (one of the many), but took it one step further to become the mother of his child!

Josh Meyers

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Josh Meyers

We first met Josh Meyers in the final season of That ‘70s Show, when he appeared as Randy Pearson. As Hyde’s employee at the record store, Randy soon gets close to the gang – especially Donna. After Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher left the show, Randy was sworn in to be the next Eric and Kelso and seemed to have qualities of both. Because of that, he was the kinda love-hate character of the show.

Amanda Fuller

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Amanda Fuller

Amanda Fuller had a pretty rough time of it on That ‘70s Show. At first, she was written in as the younger sister of Donna, and even appeared in one episode in season 1. She made her first appearance at a party and even flirted with Fez. However, she was later written out of the show because the creators wanted Donna to be an only child. Ouch.

Mo Gaffney

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Mo Gaffney

It’s fair to say that we were in love with Joanne Stupek – because anyone who looks after our precious Bob is a saint in our eyes. Mo Gaffney appeared in seasons 4 and 5 of That 70s Show as Bob’s girlfriend. The pair met in the supermarket, as Bob was about to buy a shopping cart full of microwave dinners. Pitying him, Joanne decides to cook for him, and they eventually fall in love. Sadly, their relationship didn’t last *sobs*.

Jenna Fischer

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer appeared in season 7 of That 70s Show as Stacy Wanamaker, and although she only starred in one episode – she certainly made an impression. In this episode, Stacy is a rich and beautiful socialite and bridal store owner who is married to one of the richest men in Wisconsin and is one of the only people who can make Jackie jealous. In fact, Jackie tries to impress Stacy with her stories, but soon gets caught out.

Brittany Daniel

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Brittany Daniel

The Forman family are at the ‘Forefront’ (lol, geddit?) of That 70s Show, and in season 4, we’re introduced to ‘Eric’s Hot Cousin’ in the form of Penny Sigurdson. Although this blonde bombshell is related to him, Eric can’t help but notice how much his annoying cousin had grown up since the days when they would play fight and play pranks on each other. However, he soon finds out that although she had grown up physically, she was still just as annoying.

Morgan Fairchild

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild made her That 70s Show debut in season 6 and appeared as Carolyn Rockwell – the mother of Brooke. Of course, nobody would be happy that Michael Kelso had knocked up their child, but Carolyn especially hated Kelso (like really, really hated him). After much discussion, Carolyn decides that it’s best for Brooke and the baby to move back to Chicago and live with her. And that was the end of that…

Tommy Chong

That '70s Show Guest Stars: Tommy Chong

Okay, if Leo isn’t your favorite character on That 70s Show we really can’t be friends! Played by the infamous Tommy Chong, Leo actually appears in 39 episodes of this epic program, but most of the time he doesn’t know what he’s doing – so it doesn’t really count. As one of the coolest hippies around, Leo is a friend and confidante to Eric, Kelso and the gang, and is even Hyde and Fez’s boss at one point. We love you, Leo.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Or should we call him… Rocky Johnson. Dwayne Johnson plays Wayde Bowles, a wrestler known by his stage name, Rocky Johnson. Wayde is, in fact, Dwayne Johnson’s father. But is played by Dwayne Johnson. Wayde is Dwayne, but Dwayne is Wayde. Anyone else confused? Anyway, Eric is a huge Rocky Johnson fan.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We all love a bit of JGL, his never-aging face and on-screen cameos. In the episode “Eric’s Buddy,” Levitt plays Eric’s buddy… Buddy. Eric and Buddy start off as Lab partners in their Chemistry class, and Buddy believes them to have a lot more emotional chemistry than Eric does, so much so that he tries to kiss Eric in his car. His attempt or feelings were not reciprocated, and Buddy was never seen of again on the show. Sorry JGL…

Alyson Hannigan

You probably know her from the likes of American Pie and How I Met Your Mother, but Alyson Hannigan also made a guest appearance on That ’70s Show as Suzy Simpson. Suzy is a police cadet who appears in two episodes of Season 6. Suzy likes Kelso, but Kelso doesn’t like Suzy, but Fez likes Suzy, but Suzy doesn’t like Fez. It’s all a bit of a mess.

Jessica Simpson

Appearing in three episodes, Jessica Simpson obviously made a lasting impression on the show. Simpson first came onto the ’70s Show screens in 2002 where she played Annette, Michael’s girlfriend from California who he takes back to Wisconsin with him. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long.