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Oliver Stone Set to Direct New TV Series About Guantanamo Bay – It’s Gonna Get Dark!

If anyone can do it justice, it’s Oliver Stone


    Yesterday, Weinstein Television confirmed that they had bought the rights to an all-new TV series about Guantanamo Bay – directed by filmmaking legend, Oliver Stone.

    Stone is known in the business as being the godfather of controversial subjects, and has dipped his Oscar-winning filmmaking hands into documentaries about Vladimir Putin and The Untold History of the United States – but this new series will be his first introduction to scripted television.

    guantanamo bay oliver stone

    The new series has been written by The Unit writer, Daniel Voll and is set to follow the lives of detainees of Guantanamo Bay – one of the world’s most notorious and controversial prisons. The prison was first opened after the 2001 Twin Towers terrorist attack, and was used to interrogate, imprison and torture 780 inmates held on terror charges. Former President Obama tried to close the prison back in 2009, but the prison still holds 41 prisoners today. The series will show never-seen-before footage of the inside of Guantanamo Bay and will show the point of view of many detainees, doctors, soldiers, journalists and others who have been inside the heavily guarded military base.

    According to The Weinstein Company, the company has been wanting to work with Oliver for years – and their new and dramatic TV series is perfect for him.

    He’s one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. This is explosive material that will work from all sides. Daniel Voll’s incredible resume will make this amazing collaboration between him and Oliver both newsworthy and super watchable.

    Considering the secrecy behind the conditions and techniques used in Guantanamo Bay, we couldn’t think of another filmmaker ready to get to the bottom of it in a perfectly scripted way. But we can definitely expect it to get pretty dark…

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