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Neighbours Stars – Then and Now

Ramsay Street never looked so good

    Ahhhh, Neighbours. It is one of the longest running TV shows ever; its first episode aired in 1985 – and it’s still going today! The Australian TV show proved so popular and cast some of the most famous actors and actresses we know and love today. Check out these Neighbours stars as we remember them on Ramsay Street, and what they’re up to now…

    Kylie Minogue – Then

    Remember when Kylie was on Neighbours?! Minogue started acting from the tender young age of 11-years-old, but her major breakthrough came when she was cast on the show. She appeared on Neighbours from 1986 to 1988. Despite the fact that she only starred on the show for two years, she was still there to play in the episode that went on to be the most watched episode in the history of Australian TV. Who could forget where Kylie got her big break?

    Kylie Minogue – Now

    I mean, do we even need to tell you what Kylie Minogue is up to now? After two years, Kylie left the show to pursue her singing career – and it worked out for the best, considering she’s now a huge superstar. Since 1988, she has released 12 albums, and become a huge name in music and music mentoring. Unfortunately, Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 37, but has since overcome it, and is still one of the biggest names in Australian music.

    Liam Hemsworth – Then

    Ahhh, Liam Hemsworth. Liam appeared on the show back in 2007 and starred as Josh Taylor. Yep, we were extremely jealous of Bridget Parker for having him as a boyfriend. Josh Taylor had paraplegia and met Bridget during physiotherapy sessions. Originally, Hemsworth was only meant to be on the show as a guest star, but he proved so popular (not hard to believe) that they decided to keep him on the show until he left in 2008.

    Liam Hemsworth – Now

    What hasn’t Liam Hemsworth done? After his time on Neighbours, like many Australian actors, he moved to America and took the world by storm. Hemsworth is most known for his role in the Hunger Games franchise, where he stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence as Gale. His personal life has also been the subject of interest within the media, especially his on-and-off romance with quirky pop star, Miley Cyrus. But at the moment, they’re very much on, sharing a mansion in Malibu together.

    Alan Dale – Then

    Alan Dale was one of the original cast members of the show and starred in a whopping 1,064 episodes. The New Zealand-born actor appeared as Jim Robinson but didn’t audition for the role. But when he was offered the character of Jim, he thought the storyline was so similar to his own that he just had to take the offer.

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