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NBC Have Upped Their Order to 12 Will & Grace Revival Episodes

Do we even need to say any more? It’s Will & Grace. The more, the better! We’re watching.


    Our nostalgia senses started to buzz back in January when NBC confirmed that they had renewed the best TV show on Earth (other TV shows are available, we just love this one) for a 10-episode show revival. Great, right?

    Well, it gets even better. The reaction must have been so immense, and NBC must have liked what they saw…because they’ve now ordered an extra two episodes – making the 12-episode TV special a go-er.

    This new revival comes after the original stars took to the screen again last September to produce a short 10-minute mini-episode of the show, which focused on the US presidential election. And this mini show was such a hit, that producers couldn’t help but create the new revival series. And we’re definitely not complaining.

    This new ninth season of Will & Grace will, of course, feature the main characters we all know and love – Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally. It’s said that this new series is going to pick up where the stories left off in 2006 and will focus on their lives during this 11-year Will & Grace-less period.

    The new storylines have been created by the original Will & Grace team, so expect it to be just as good as the previous series. With the same writers, producers, and directors, we’ll see the cast re-assemble in the basement for the series that earned them 16 Emmy Awards. Although there’s no release date yet for the new revival episodes, Messing has confirmed that filming will begin in August this year, and maintains that Will & Grace fans won’t be disappointed with the new series. She says,

    ‘I’ve been assured by our brilliant show creators that they have very quickly and magically created a universe in which we’re all back together.’ This is everything we have wanted for the past 11 years.

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