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Mary Tyler Moore Show Secrets

Tell us Moore!

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show was one of the many iconic shows of the ‘70s and had a huge fan following. Everyone loved to watch the intelligent, quirky, independent and sassy career-driven woman, Mary, trying to get her start in life. Granted, it didn’t go so well, but we loved to watch her trials and tribulations. We always knew she would make it in the business after all. But if you’re missing the show, take a look at these Mary Tyler Moore Show secrets…

    The Dick Van Dyke Show

    No, we didn’t get the title wrong. But The Mary Tyler Moore show originated from The Dick Van Dyke Show. Mary Tyler Moore originally starred on Van Dyke’s show, until it ended in 1966. But when they reunited in 1969 for a special show on CBS, they offered Moore 24 guaranteed episodes of her own show because they loved her so much.

    Divorce was a hot topic

    While the show was still in in discussion, creators wanted to plan the show around the theme of divorce, because it was a hot topic in the ‘70s. Everyone wanted to read about it, and everyone wanted to watch it. But because Mary had originally married Rob Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke Show, the network was worried about the audience’s reactions to hearing of a divorce. Instead, they compromised and changed the idea to a broken engagement.

    Betty White

    Betty White starred in the show as Sue Anne Nivens, the host of the Happy Homemaker show. When thinking about the casting for Sue, producers knew what they wanted. The knew they wanted someone like Betty White. They tossed and turned over who to choose, when eventually one crew member simply asked, well, ‘why not cast Betty White?’

    A show of firsts

    It turns out that, apart from being a hit TV show, The Mary Tyler Moore show was also a show of firsts. It has been reported that this show was the first scripted show to use the word ‘gay’ in reference to homosexuality. The word was first used in Season three of the series.

    The theme song

    If you were a hardcore fan of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, you probably noticed that after the first season, the lyrics to the theme tune were rewritten from ‘You might just make it after all’ to you’re going to make it after all.’ The lyrics were rewritten because Mary had started to become successful after the first season, and she was beginning to make it. There was no ‘might’ about it. You go, girl.

    Laughing producers

    James L. Brooks produced the show and seemed to love his job. If you re-watch some of the more funnier episodes, you might be able to hear a very distinct, loud and drawn out laugh. This was Brooks. He used to find the show hilarious and made it pretty obvious. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that…

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