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Marvel’s Inhumans: Meet The Main Characters

Here’s everything you need to know


    Last month, we told you how excited we were about the brand new Marvel TV Inhumans (because as you should probably know by know, we LOVE Marvel and anything to do with superheroes. We’re serious, the obsession is kinda scary). Inhuman star, Anson Mount, has got us even more excited about the new series.

    I think of all of the potential adaptations that Marvel could want to do for television, The Inhumans has got to be one of the bravest because it is so out there, and in a great way. I’m acting with a giant, imaginary dog sometimes, you know? I can tell you right now there’s not going to be anything on TV remotely like this show. That in and of itself, I think as a viewer, I think that that would be interesting to watch to see how the hell are they going to do this.

    Errr, okay so this hasn’t helped the whole can’t-wait-for-this-going-to-scream situation. But thankfully, the wait is nearly over, because we’ll finally get to watch the new batch of superheroes on ABC from September!

    But if you’re like us, and you just can’t wait until then, here’s a quick glimpse into the all-new Inhumans.

    Black Bolt

    inhumans black bolt anson mount

    The actor above, Anson Mount will star in Inhumans as Black Bolt – the leader and King of the Inhumans (oooh!). Black Bolt has one of the most intriguing and probably very annoying super powers, considering his voice has the power to crush an entire city. Yep, one note and he can level the whole world. Because of this, Black Bolt has to communicate through sign language to avoid destroying the world. As you do.


    inhumans maximas iwan rheon

    You probably recognise Iwan Rheon from Game of Thrones, but don’t worry – he’s definitely not as evil in Inhumans. Maximus is brother to the Inhuman King Black Bolt. Maximus often gets on the wrong side of Black Bolt, mainly because of his incredible charismatic and talkative nature. But as he gained his powers through Terrigenesis (he transformed from a normal human to an Inhuman by inhaling Terrigen Crystal mist), he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder which could prove disastrous as the series goes on.


    inhumans medusa serinda swan

    Of course, we all know the name Medusa from Greek mythology .But thankfully, Inhumans’ Medusa won’t have snakes coming out of her head. Instead, she uses the power of her hair as a weapon to defeat her enemies (don’t try that at home, it will only end in your tears). But the coolness doesn’t stop there, Medusa is also the Queen of Attilan and Black Bolt’s wife! Actress Serinda Swan will be playing Medusa in this upcoming TV series.


    inhumans karnak ken leung

    Karnak is played by Ken Leung, and is quite possibly one of the most interesting Inhumans – and probably the best to keep around. His Inhuman power is the ability to see the ‘fault in things.’ This is handy when it comes to battles, as he intrinsically knows the person’s weak spot, knowing exactly where to strike. It’s no wonder Black Bolt keeps him as his closest advisor…


    inhumans gorgon Eme Ikwuakor

    Gorgon is another Inhuman that Black Bolt keeps pretty close to his chest. As the head of the Attilan Military, Gorgon, played by Eme Ikwuakor, is one of the strongest and most forceful Inhumans, having the ability to smash his hooves (yes, hooves) into the ground to create a heck load of mess and destruction.


    inhumans crystal isabelle cornish

    As the younger sister of Medusa and Princess of Attilan, Crystal is the youngest of the Inhumans – and has the superpower we all want! Played by Isabelle Cornish, Crystal has the ability to control the elements, but is just getting used to her newfound powers, so there could be a few hiccups along the way. She also has an invisible dog. Again, as you do.


    inhumans auran sonya balmores

    We wish you could tell you all about Auran – but we can’t. As the head of the Royal Guard, Auran is shrouded in mystery, that nobody knows what her superpower is! Auran is being brought to the small screen by actress Sonya Balmores.

    Check the Inhumans out for yourself on September 29th.

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