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Marvel Inhumans is Getting Absolutely Slated – Will it Be Canceled Early?

It’s certainly not MARVELous


    Marvel’s Inhumans may not have even started properly yet (due September 29), but the critics are already having a field day tearing the new show to pieces. When ABC and IMAX joined forces to create the show, they hoped it would become an epic along the lines of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately for them, the debut episodes have received harsh (but justified?) ratings, and they’ve even talked about canceling the show before it airs fully.

    The premiere of Inhumans came in the form of two episodes, aired by IMAX over a two week window. However, people were certainly not impressed with what they saw; both fans and critics alike have been slating the show. In fact, some have said that Inhumans could be the worst franchise in the whole Marvel Comic Book Universe. Ouch. ABC have even said they were unhappy with how the final product turned out, leading to rumors that the entire show may be canceled before its full season run.

    Marvel Humans has been slated by critics and may be canceled early

    Luckily for Marvel, Inhumans as a franchise may not be a complete flop. There’s always the upcoming Lego game, Marvel Super Heroes 2, which features the characters from the show. And it turns out, the visual FX on the game might actually be better than the TV series… Even Medusa’s Lego hair looks better than the wig Serinda Swan wears in the show. When a Lego game is getting more attention than your multi-million dollar TV show, then perhaps it’s time to admit defeat.

    However, it’s unlikely that ABC and Marvel Studios (both owned by Disney) are going to cancel the show before it even launches. That’s certainly a sign of weakness and something Disney is not likely to even consider. Instead, they’ll put it to the fans and see what the consensus is when the rest of the episodes come out. If any of us can make it through the rest of the episodes, that is…

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