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Jeff Goldblum and Danny DeVito to Star in Comedy Show By The Simpsons Writer

Amazon have finally got something we wanna watch


    I mean, need we say anymore? Jeff Goldblum, Danny DeVito, and Tim Long are a comedy sandwich we’d love to get in on.

    Jeff Goldblum and Danny DeVito are known for their comedic ways, and are now joining forces and combining their comedic talents for an all-new Amazon TV series. At a respective 4”10 and 6”4 in height, these two make for a pretty odd and aesthetically wacky pair (a bit like Twins, remember that classic?!). But when they get together, we can only imagine they’ll be a force to be reckoned with…

    The pair has confirmed that they will be starring in a new show, which has been created and will be produced by hilarious Simpsons veteran, Tim Long. The new show has yet to be named, but will feature comedy genius exchanges between DeVito and Goldblum, who he has described as ‘incandescent idiots.’ Well, we hate to agree, but…

    Jeff Goldblum Danny DeVito

    It’s said that Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum will play as two members of a disbanded musical pair who have long since hated each other – but are forced back together. And we love a good cat fight. Amazon has also promised that the show will also feature larger than life characters who also appear in their bandmates (or band enemies) lives, like their wives, ex-wives, friends, managers, and children, who they say will be just as ‘brilliant, infuriating, and frustratingly lovable’ as DeVito and Goldblum’s characters, Arlo Finkelman and Matt Downey.

    And we have all of the faith in them. There’s no news yet on when production is due to begin on the new show, but it’s said DeVito is ‘fully committed’ to his new role – but don’t worry It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans, he’ll still be appearing on your show!

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