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Home and Away Cast – Then and Now

You won’t believe what Josh West looks like now!

    Hands up who else wished they lived in Summer Bay? Unfortunately, we had to watch the inhabitants of the fictional town from our TV sets, and when we say watch – we mean binge watch and obsess over. Home and Away first appeared on our screens in 1988 and has proved so popular it’s still going today. Over the years, the show has starred some of the most popular and famous actors and actresses – and we definitely have our favorites. Take a look at the Home and Away cast – then and now…

    Alex Papps as Frank Morgan – Then

    Frank Morgan was one of the Home and Away originals. He appeared in the pilot episode of the show in 1988, and left in 1989. But he couldn’t be kept away, as he then returned for short stints between 1991 -1992, to return again in 2000 and 2002. And we’re glad he didn’t leave altogether because he was the original heartthrob of the show (even with that hair). Morgan was one of Pippa and Tom’s foster children, who changed his wayward ways when they moved to Summer Bay.

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