Highly Anticipated TV shows That Totally Bombed

Could you see it coming?


    The more we age, the more we realize that the Teletubbies had the right idea. Sure, they were pretty darn creepy, and we have no idea what the heck the baby sun was all about – but the whole TV-in-their-stomach vibe? Absolute genius. Yep, we love television more than we love Leonardo DiCaprio (which is, like, a lot) and we get super hyped when we hear that a new show will be dropping on our screens. We replay the trailers as if our lives depend on it, and we get the giant tub of popcorn ready for the pilot. However, there are instances where the hype just doesn’t live up to the expectation, and these are the highly anticipated TV shows that totally bombed…

    Central Park West (1995 – 1996)

    Highly anticipated TV shows that totally bombed: Central Park West
    If you’ve never heard of this show; we don’t blame you. Central Park West first came onto our screens in 1995, and the world was pretty hyped about it. After all, it was the brainchild of Darren Star – who is kind of a big deal (yep, we have him to thank for the magic that is Beverly Hills, 90210). Star was hoping that he would entice 20-something adults to turn on their screens and watch the likes of Madchen Amick and Mariel Hemingway make their way through life in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, it just didn’t hit the ground running and the ratings totally bombed. Although they tried to reimagine the show with an all-new cast midway through the series, the world could only take 21 episodes of Central Park West. Awkward.

    Kidnapped (2006 – 2007)

    Highly anticipated TV shows that totally bombed: Kidnapped
    We love a good drama show as much as the next drama show lover, so we were over the moon when we heard that NBC was bringing another show into our lives that we could binge watch into oblivion. Kidnapped sounded right up our street, and we couldn’t wait to transform into detectives and work out who the heck kidnapped this New York couple’s child. In fact, we had such high hopes we even boycotted House to watch Kidnapped on the same time slot. It’s safe to say that that was a bad idea because this show just didn’t quite have the pizazz we needed to be truly binge-worthy. It seems we weren’t the only ones to think so, because the show was canceled after the first season.

    My Big Fat Greek Life (2003 – 2003)

    Highly anticipated TV shows that totally bombed: My Big Fat Greek Life
    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the duration of your life (sorry to hear that), you’ll know that the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise is a hoot. The first movie swept us off our feet and had us all screaming “Opa!” at the top of our lungs. Because the film was such a huge success, the producers decided to bring our favorite Greeks back into our lives in the form of My Big Fat Greek Life. Of course, we couldn’t wait to be acquainted with Toula, Ian and the rest of the fam – but the show was more of an “oops” than an “Opa.” The show and the characters just didn’t suit the small screen, and it lasted just two months before it was eventually pulled from the air.

    24: Legacy (2017 – 2017)

    Highly anticipated TV shows that totally bombed: Legacy
    With a whopping nine seasons under its belt, 24 is one of the best crime thrillers on this awesome planet. The show has entertained and intrigued fans for years, and the producers have been smart enough to turn it into a franchise and provide us with spinoff after the spinoff. They really are generous. However, we have a feeling that they would love to forget about the fact they created the 24: Legacy spinoff. From first glance, this show had everything it needed to be an instant hit. The cast was pretty solid, the writers and producers were the same as the original, and fans were ready and raring to give it a go. Sadly, friends, it just didn’t work. After 12 episodes we said goodbye to the short but sweet Legacy of this 24 spinoff…

    Six Degrees (2006 – 2007)

    Highly anticipated TV shows that totally bombed: Six Degrees
    Six seems to be the magic number when it comes to TV shows. Just look how well Friends did with six loveable characters (could they BE any cooler?!) Six Degrees tried to follow in their footsteps when it came onto our screens in 2006, and they even tried to add a little drama into the mix to keep us all on our toes. ABC thought this show was going to be such a hit they gave it a primetime slot after Grey’s Anatomy – and you just know that’s a big deal. However, there was just something about this show that didn’t sit right with some people. They couldn’t get behind the characters, and the storylines were just not engaging enough. We tried. We really, really tried to get involved. We just couldn’t. ABC canceled Six Degrees after one season. That had to hurt…

    With new TV shows coming out every single week, it’s a minefield out there. Will it be successful? Will it be a flop? Well, it seems as though there is no rhyme or reason to the small screen because even these highly anticipated TV shows couldn’t work the magic. What a way to burst their bubble.

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