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George R. R. Martin’s Nightflyers is Getting a Pilot Episode on Syfy

It could be FLYING onto our screens soon…


    George R.R Martin is the kinda guy that we love to hate. For starters, he’s got us pretty obsessed with Game of Thrones and wish we could be part of the Night’s Watch. But he kinda loves killing off our favorite characters and ruining our dreams – so we’re a bit 50/50 on ol’ Martin. Nevertheless, he’s a genius. And we’re now getting ANOTHER show – Nightflyers.

    As we await season seven of Game of Thrones (which seems to be taking ages. We could have won the Iron Throne ourselves by now) it’s now been confirmed that George R. R. Martin fans will have another series to get excited about. The Hollywood Reporter have confirmed that the NBC Channel, Syfy has contracted a pilot episode for George R.R Martin’s novella, Nightflyers.

    Nightflyers by George R. R. Martin is being turned into a TV series by Syfy

    Nightflyers follows the story of five mavericks who ready themselves for an intergalactic quest as the world veers ever closer to destruction. But as they search for help, they soon realize they may need more help than they first thought.

    This isn’t the first time Nightflyers has made it onto the big screen, though. In 1987, Robert Collector directed a Nightflyers movie that didn’t really take off, so we hope this TV series will prove worthy of Martin’s love (even though he’ll be too busy working on the Game of Thrones spin-off to be involved in the new project. Boo).

    NBC have released a statement about the new pilot, saying,

    The script that Jeff delivers encapsulates this classic sci-fi horror story and adapts it to a platform where we can truly explore the depths of madness.

    Ooooh. We can’t wait to see what they do with it!

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