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Friends Fans Rejoice! Jennifer Aniston Will Be Returning To Our TV Screens With Reese Witherspoon

The Greens are back together!


    So here’s a question for you; do you love friends? Oh, who are we kidding – of course you do! Well, as true Friends fans, there’s probably a high chance you loved Rachel Green. Yep, most of us either wanted to be her or wanted to date her, because she was just perfect in every way (and that hair, man. Perfection).

    It’s no secret that Friends was the greatest show on earth, and Rachel and the gang often invited guest stars into their apartment block. Among these Outrageous Guest Stars That Appeared On Friends was Reese Witherspoon, who starred as Rachel’s younger sister. Now, us Friends fans can rejoice, because the Green sisters will soon be back together!

    Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston to star in new Apple TV show

    Both Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston have confirmed their involvement in a brand new television series that has been bought by Apple for an initial two seasons. The show has yet to boast a title, but we do know it will be a behind-the-scenes drama of a popular morning show, and will be adapted from the famous ‘Amazing Stories’ anthology. This new show will be a record-breaker for so many reasons. Of course, one of the main bonuses of this new show is that Jennifer and Reese will be back together (our lives are now complete) but this series will also mark Aniston’s return to the world of television. Yuh-huh, Aniston has not appeared in a TV series since her Friends days, but has rather focused her attention of movies. So be prepared to ramp up your obsession with Rachel, guys.

    This new show also marks a turning point for Apple. In a world where Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon rule the roost, Amazon is trying to get a turn. The tech company have so far stuck to producing incredibly mobile and computer technology, and this show will be one of their first trips into the world of television and production – and these guys seem to want it, considering they out-bid some major TV contenders. So far, we’re not sure how this show will be available for us to watch, as there is no confirmation as to whether this new soiree will only be available for Apple customers through iTunes, or another platform.

    Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston confirmed for new TV series

    Nevertheless, we’re pretty darn excited. But if you can’t wait to hear more information about the Green reunion, why don’t you test you Friends knowledge with these 35 Friends Facts Not Even The Biggest Fans Will Know?

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