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First Look at Star Trek: Discovery Props Gives an Insight Into What’s To Come

Look at those Klingon ships!!


    Thankfully, we only have just two months to wait until Star Trek: Discovery comes onto our screens – which is great because the San Diego Comic Con have got us pretty excited with the unveiling of the new Star Trek props.

    Since the news of Star Trek: Discovery reached our ears, news and information on the new show has been pretty scarce. Luckily, the makers of Star Trek decided it’s about time we knew a little more about it, and released some pretty epic props and images at the San Diego Comic Con, which have given us a pretty cool insight into what we can expect from the show.

    The best thing we can gauge from the new unveiling? The Klingons are stealing the show. Fans at the comic con have noticed that the stall offers a huge amount of Klingon artistry and Klingon props, including this pretty epic concept art for their ships:


    As well as these awesome ships, the event also has a creepy Klingon coffin on show.

    The San Diego Comic Con also unveiled some pretty new and exciting props – including the tricorder, communicator and the badges. Although they have been remade for the new show, the design and aesthetic of these items are pretty much the same as the original. The only difference is that the badges are made of different metals depending on the department they belong to – science and medical are silver, operations are copper, and command is gold.

    And if you’re wondering what the new Starfleet will be wearing, check out these new uniforms:

    The white uniforms will be worn by the medical team.

    The Away team will get some pretty nifty body armor.

    This is getting us way too excited for the new show!

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