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Everything You Need to Know About All New Star Trek: Discovery

Trekkies rejoice!


    Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan (how could you not be?), you’ve probably seen at least one episode of Star Trek at some point in your life. And now, you have the chance to get properly into it and become a fully fledged Trekkie. What more could you want?

    The first ever episode of Star Trek was released 50 years ago (we feel old) and it’s now set to return in an all-new series that will stream on Netflix and CBS All Access in May 2017. We first received word of the new Star Trek episodes in 2016 and was initially meant to be released in January, but the network pushed back the release date to May to ensure their scripts were up to scratch and keeping in with the sci-fi franchise. And there’s even talk that the release date may be pushed back even further, but we have yet to receive word.

    And if you’re wondering what this Star Trek will entail…you need to aboard the Shenzhou, as it seems most of the filming has taken place on this spacecraft. These little details have been let slip by various actors, which means we even have a glimpse into the new cast. Oh, these celebs will never learn.

    The first crew member of the Shenzhou to be announced was Memoirs of a Geisha and The Lady actress, Michelle Yeoh, who will be suiting up as Captain Georgiou. Playing the chief medical officer, Dr. Nambue will be Maulik Pancholy, and Sam Vartholomeos will play the office junior, Ensign Connor. Spock’s father, Sarek will also make an appearance in Star Trek: Discovery and will be played by Gotham and True Blood star, James Frain.

    In August 2016, the show let slip that the female lead in the show will be referred to as ‘Number One’ throughout the series, and there was much speculation as to who would fill the Number One top spot. But late last year, these questions were answered, and Walking Dead star, Sonequa Martin-Green will be taking on the role. She’ll even be the first African-American woman to be at the forefront of the Star Trek franchise. Go, Sonequa!

    But Sonequa isn’t the only first in the new series. In fact, Star Trek: Discovery producer, Bryan Fuller, confirmed in August last year that this new series would feature the franchise’s first openly gay character, and says he wants to include ‘wonderful diversity’ into his new cast. It’s nice to see Star Trek moving with the times.

    Recent cast announcements have caused a stir amongst the Trekkie world, especially with the announcement of Rainn Wilson. Wilson is most known for his role in The Office as Dwight Schrute; many think he was an odd choice for Star Trek. But what if we told you he was playing Harry Mudd? Well…now it makes sense, doesn’t it?

    It’s said that this new series will include all new characters, discoveries, mission and a new ship, but will still encompass what we know from the franchise. We’ll just have to see how they do. No pressure.

    Watch it (hopefully) this May.

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