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Do You Remember These Iconic 90s Game Shows?

Shouting at the TV was never more fun than in the ’90s

    Let’s be honest; the ‘90s was an era to remember. For starters, we had the ‘90s cringe-worthy fashion trends you totally used to rock, we had the AWESOME ‘90s music (which was basically a whole load of cheese), we had awesome toys, we were able to actually play in the street without the fear of being run over by a hoverboard, and we had epic TV shows that would keep us entertained for hours. It was the best.

    However, we didn’t have the likes of Netflix and Stranger Things, How to Get Away With Murder, or Game of Thrones to watch on the TV. Instead, we had the same ol’ analog channels that would show the same ol’ TV programs every single week. Sure, some of the programs were pretty dire, but there was one specific breed of TV show that we would watch every single week without fail. Yep, we’re talking about the ‘90s game show! It’s fair to say that the ‘90s game show was better than the ‘80s game show – and DEFINITELY better than the ‘00s game show. There were actually contestants, there were obstacle courses, there were questions, there was music, there were dates, and there were some of the most iconic game show hosts of all time. It’s official: the ‘90s knew how to make a bloomin’ good game show.

    It was no secret that we all loved these ‘90s game shows, and the producers in the TV world were more than happy to make new and improved game show concepts each and every week – and for that, we thank them. But with so many game shows to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one we loved the best. So, we’ll just have to go through all of the most iconic ‘90s game shows and take a walk down memory lane to choose the best. Which one was your favorite?

    Legends of the Hidden Temple

    Legends of the Hidden Temple was like our dream game show – and we would have done anything to learn the secrets of the Mayan temple guards. But alas, it was not our time *sobs*. Legends of the Hidden Temple aired for two years, over three seasons, and was hosted by Kirk Fogg. The contestants had to work their way through a temple and make their way through challenges and obstacles to reach the end. Even though the show won awards, it was canceled in 1995. We still miss it.

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