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Comic Con Release Exclusive Negan Bust and We NEED To Get One

Complete with Lucille, of course


    Negan is the kinda character we just love to hate (you know, we all love a bad boy) and we were pretty upset to hear that he was missing from the set of season eight of The Walking Dead. However, now we can take a dashing Negan bust home with us to spend time with when he’s not on the TV. Ooo-er.

    When we were introduced to Negan in season six, we were quickly enamored with the character – even though he killed some of our favorite characters (WE JUST CAN’T HELP IT, OKAY?!). Now, San Diego Comic Con have given super fans like us the chance to get up close and personal to the leader of the Saviors, and have put an epic, exclusive Negan bust up for sale.

    Negan Bust now being sold at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and available to pre-order from Gentle Giant.

    The Negan busts have been created by Gentle Giant and can be pre-ordered on their website, or you can (try) and buy one at their #3513 booth at the San Diego Comic Con. But we can guarantee they’ll be sold out pretty soon – so get on it quickly! (We’ve already pre-ordered ours).

    Gentle Giant have released a description of the Negan bust:

    Television’s man you love to hate is coming out swinging! Negan is a charismatic, totalitarian ruler with an iron fist in the form of a baseball bat named Lucille. He knows exactly how to make an introduction, establish his rule, widen his scope of control and dominance. There are no hidden secrets – you follow his rules, you live; you don’t follow his rules, you die.

    But what is it made of? Well, they’ve also given the down-low on that.

    Designed, modeled and prototyped using top of the line 3D technology, this collectible mini bust is hand-cast, hand-painted and hand-numbered with a limited edition certificate of authenticity.

    We’ll take three, please.

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