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Cold Feet is Coming Back! Here’s What We Know So Far…

The gang are back!


    Ahhhh, we love a good British comedy drama – and we loved watching Cold Feet on a Sunday evening, to get us ready for the Monday blues. Unfortunately for us, the show only ran from 1997 until 2003, but thanks to a revival series in 2016, the show will now be back full time! We’re so ready to catch up with the gang. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming series…

    The timeline

    Thankfully, the new series will start off just 10 months after the season finale last year. And if you remember rightly, it all went off. Andy (James Nesbitt) confessed his feelings to Tina (Leanne Best), he had a fake 50th birthday party, Karen quit her jobs and Pete was down in the dumps. So what are they up to now?

    Adam and Tina

    cold feet adam and tina

    This makes us so happy. After Adam and Tina FINALLY got together at the end of last series, we can now confirm that they are still as loved up as ever! (Yay!) Although they still live across the hall from each other (basically like Monica and Chandler) the pair are always together, and are even renovating Adam’s rental house as a couple. As their love just seems to get stronger and stronger, it seems Adam is ready to take their relationship up a level. But is Tina ready for that?


    cold feet karen

    Yep, Karen stuck it to the man and quit her job! Now, Karen is focusing all of her time on finishing her novel and launching her brand new venture – her very own publishing house. However, with so much going on in her work life, she struggles to keep a hold on her personal and home life, and Ramona is being no help at all. Her teenage twins are vying for their mother’s attention, and avoiding their exam revision. Will Karen notice before it’s too late?


    cold feet reboot david

    Unfortunately, things aren’t looking so great for Pete. Despite the fact he managed to get off scot-free and escape jail for fraud, David is struggling. His marriage is a shambles, and he’s now working a dead-end job selling life insurance to lowly pensioners. But David wants more, and he’s setting out to find it…

    Pete and Jenny

    cold feet reboot pete and jenny

    Thankfully, Pete has managed to overcome his depression and money troubles, and has now got a fairly paid job working as a chauffeur. But Pete knows he can offer more than that, and sets out to find a career that will give his life meaning and provide for his family. However, Jenny is proving very successful at her job and is taking any opportunity for promotion – meaning she often puts Pete and her family to the side, especially her daughter Chloe, who had problems of her own. Will they be able to maintain a happy family? We’ll have to watch to find out…

    Cold Feet will return to our screens in the Autumn.

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