Classic TV Shows That Made A Comeback

Boy, are we glad to have these back in our lives…


    There’s nothing worse than having your favorite TV show come to an end. You invest so much time into the characters and their stories that you can’t bear to say goodbye to them. Fortunately, not every series stays off the air forever. There have been plenty of shows that were given an extra burst of life some years after they first concluded, and they’ve been just as addictive the second time around. We’ll never stop being grateful that these programs made such a successful comeback.

    Will & Grace

    Classic TV shows that made a comeback: Will and Grace

    It was the sitcom that brought the LGBT+ lifestyle into the homes of many families in the ‘90s and early ‘00s. Not only was it clever and relevant with an iconic cast of hilarious characters, but “Will & Grace” also educated the American public on many things they probably didn’t know about the LGBT+ community. It brought an underrepresented minority into mainstream TV and changed the world forever.

    Thankfully, after a decade away from our screens, the series made a sensational return in 2017. It had us asking “What is this? What’s happening? What’s going on?” as Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen showed us that even though America has changed over the last ten years, they certainly haven’t. With at least two more seasons set to air before the series ends once again, it’s time to grab one of Karen’s ‘juice boxes’ and enjoy the show.

    Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks

    It was the show that had millions of people on the edge of their seats in the early ’90s, and rightly so. Crafted from the twisted mind of filmmaker David Lynch, “Twin Peaks” was a masterpiece in the whodunnit mystery genre. No-one could work out who was responsible for the death of Laura Palmer, and it wasn’t until late 1990 that everyone finally got the answer. Unfortunately, that reveal led to the show’s premature end after ratings swiftly plummeted.

    However, with the second season getting left on a cliffhanger, fans were desperate for more. It took 25 years to materialize, but in 2017 “Twin Peaks” finally returned so that fans could have the closure they needed. All the cherry pie and coffee in the world couldn’t equate to having the show back on our screens, even if some of the actors had passed away before it made its comeback. And yes, the new series was just as dark and bizarre as you’d expect.

    Gilmore Girls

    Classic TV shows that made a comeback: Gilmore Girls

    The early ‘00s were dominated by some great family dramas, and “Gilmore Girls” was at the very heart of them all. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore had the kind of relationship that a lot of people probably yearn for with their parent or child, especially when it comes to navigating the awkward teenage years. The way they were there for each other (most of the time) was inspiring, and it reminded us all just how much we need some feel-good TV in our lives.

    It’s a great thing then that the series made a triumphant return in 2016. “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” comprised of four feature-length episodes that explored the lives of our favorite mother-daughter duo some years after we’d last seen them. A lot had changed in that time, but in many ways, it was like the characters had never been away. Lorelai’s sarcasm was as untouched as Luke’s love of baseball caps and Emily’s desire to be in control, giving us the burst of nostalgia we’d been waiting so long for.

    Doctor Who

    Classic TV shows that made a comeback: Doctor Who

    “Doctor Who” is one of the oldest shows on TV that’s still airing today. Granted, it went off the air for several decades before its 2005 revival, but that’s a minor detail. The sci-fi program’s long history means that a lot of people who watched its debut in 1963 might not be around anymore. However, there are still plenty of loyal viewers (and millions of new ones) who continue to tune in to the Doctor’s time-traveling adventures every week.

    What made the show so enjoyable back in the day is still very much present, only now the aliens look a little more realistic. You can’t accuse every villain of the week looking like a person in a suit anymore, especially when CGI’s involved. The fact that so many people still love “Doctor Who” is a sign that reinvention isn’t something to be afraid of, so long as the series retains its heart and soul. With a female Doctor now the show is more progressive than it’s ever been, yet that hasn’t hurt the ratings. It’ll take more than a gender swap to sweep this time lord from our screens.

    Sometimes a TV series needs to take a break to stop it from outstaying its welcome. However, the more devastated people are to see it go, the likelier it is that it’ll return to our screens again one day. These shows are living proof of that!