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The Cast of The O.C – How They’ve Changed


    Hands up who else can’t watch the opening credits without singing at the top of your lungs, ‘Californiaaaaaaaaa?’ Let’s be honest, it’s inevitable. When the TV series first came onto our screens in 2003, nobody knew just how big the series and its cast would get – and people just loved to watch the (slightly) over-the-top storylines, and it’s characters. Over the four seasons we all got super close to the main characters… and sometimes liked to dream that we were their best friends. (No? Just us?). But if you’re sad that the series ended after just four seasons, take a look at the cast of The O.C as you remember then, and see how much they’ve changed…

    Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper

    Mischa Barton wasn’t new to the acting scene when she was cast as Marissa Cooper in The O.C, as she had already starred on the screen and stage (basically, she’s an all-around amazing actress. And we’re pretty jealous). Marissa was the girl-next-door character and had it all… and was even the object of Ryan’s (swoon) love and affection. Even more reason to be jealous of her…

    Mischa Barton – Now

    In the third season of The O.C, Mischa Barton’s character, Marissa, was killed off in a death that we’re still not over today. (We’ll never forgive the show for this). She has been acting ever since, but her problems with her mental health, drugs, and alcohol have hindered her success. She recently appeared on the 2016 season of the TV talent show, Dancing with the Stars, where she placed in 11th place.

    Adam Brody as Seth Cohen

    Ohhh, we loved Seth’s geekiness. Before his time on The O.C, Brody appeared on Gilmore Girls as Lane’s boyfriend and bandmate (oh yeah!), and was then cast in The O.C as one of the ‘Core Four’ – Seth Cohen, Ryan’s adoptive brother. And they couldn’t have been any more different if they tried…

    Adam Brody – Now

    After his time on The O.C, Brody landed a few movie roles, including The Oranges and Life Partners, where he met his now-wife, Leighton Meester (best celeb couple ever!). He has also gone on to star in many more TV shows and movies, as well as being the lead drummer in his band, Big Japan.

    Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts

    Rachel Bilson was the girl we all wanted to be, but also the one that everyone loved to hate – just a little bit. She starred as Summer Roberts on the show, and was best friends with Marissa Cooper. She was also the love interest and on-off boyfriend/girlfriend to Seth Cohen. Maybe we were just a little bit jealous…

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