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Barb From Stranger Things Finally Gets The Send Off She Deserves



    So basically, Stranger Things is life. But if there’s one thing we took away from season one (you know, apart from literally everything because it completely blew our minds to the Upside Down and back) it’s that Barb’s death was completely undignified.

    As the best friend of Nancy, Barb’s large glasses and epic ‘80s style kinda pushed her to the background – and nobody really noticed for awhile that she was missing *sob*. Then, when it was discovered that the Demogorgon had taken her and made her into some kind of horrific mummified death cocoon (obvs its official name) there were a few tears – but that was about it. The next hour they went back to their search to find Will, and Barb was forgotten. After this tragic death, Netflix received a huge barage of backlash from Barb fans who were angry at this injustice. So then came the hashtag #JusticeForBarb.

    Thankfully, the San Diego Comic Con have finally laid our wondrous Barb to rest in the perfect way (just a few months late but we can forgive them for that little blunder) and given her the send off she deserves. The mecca of nerdy goodness opened today, and Netflix have made sure that their exhibit is front and center. Check it out:

    barb shrine stranger things justice4barb


    This awesome idea is complete with an epic ’80s backdrop, candles, flowers, cards, wreaths and numerous pictures of Barb, including those of her as a child. Our hearts.

    Fans are, of course, loving this little touch to the San Diego Comic Con, and have taken to Twitter to express their major feels.

    And it turns out Barb actress, Shannon Purser even supplied the photos herself!

    Finally, we have #JusticeForBarb.

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