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Another Fan Favorite is BACK on Twin Peaks and It Was Epic

WARNING: This post contains Twin Peaks episode 12 spoilers!


    Let’s be honest; we’re slightly obsessed with Twin Peaks (and have been ever since the ‘90s. Gosh, we’re old) and every single character or band that appears on the show. Up until now, our favorite moment from the new revival series took the form of Nine Inch Nails SLAYING their performance at the Twin Peaks Roadhouse bar. Now we’ve got a new one…

    Yep, Audrey Horne is BACK!

    Audrey Horne, played by Sherilyn Fenn, is one of the most iconic characters from the original 1990 series of Twin Peaks – and we all remember her scene in the diner, with her schoolgirl sweater, her red lipstick, the dreamy jazz music and her swaying dance movies. We’ve known for a while now that Audrey would be making a return to the town of Twin Peaks, but she had yet to make an appearance in the past 11 episodes.

    audrey horne is back in twin peaks

    So episode 12 was a huge turning point for Twin Peaks fans, as Audrey appeared back on our screens – and made us ask A LOT of questions. From what we can gather from this episode, Audrey really, really, really (REALLY) wants to find a man called Billy (er, who is Billy?) and tries to persuade Charles (who is her husband? Huh?) to go to the Roadhouse to try and find him. Instead, Charles wants to stay at home and finish off his work – which is probably a good thing considering Richard Horne (you know, the murderous car thief and Audrey’s supposed son. Yep, even more questions) is roaming around town. The plot thickens as Audrey and Charles talk some people called Paul, Chuck, and Tina. Nope, we have no idea who these people are either.

    As much as Audrey’s return made us SO FRUSTRATED with all of the questions, it was downright epic. And it makes us even more excited for episode 13…

    What did you think of Audrey’s epic return?!

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